Friday, December 12, 2008

Part of our final exam for my Methods for Teaching Reading and Writing class involved writing a narrative essay to help us learn to teach the writing process. Our topic for the essay was "A Life-Changing Event." This was definitely one of the funnest exams I've had throughout college. I enjoy writing and I especially enjoyed writing on this topic.


With This Ring

“Only a few more seconds," Tracy assured me as I stood behind the wooden barrier. On the other side everyone was waiting for my big moment. As I waited, the knots in my stomach were becoming tight enough to secure a barge to a dock. My knees were shaking as if a train had just passed in front of me. My hands were as cold and wet as snow on Christmas morning, yet every drop of moisture had escaped from my mouth. The thought of everyone turning to look at me was nearly unbearable. “Is this day really finally here?” I thought. It was July 5, 2008, the day I married my best friend and the day my life changed in the best way.

My eyes popped open and I jumped out of bed long before the sun was up that morning. An 11 o’clock wedding meant getting up before the birds to start the beautification process. We spent hours working on that picture perfect hairdo and flawless makeup. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my big moment had arrived. I was standing behind the huge wooden doors clinging to my father’s arm. My friends, Tracy and Michelle, made sure my dress looked perfect, every strand of hair was in the right place, and the Bible I was holding was positioned just right in my arms. Michelle comforted and encouraged me as we waited behind the doors.

Tracy assured me the wait would only be a few more seconds, but those few seconds seemed to pass slower than molasses on a cold day. I listened as the pianist finished the last few notes of “Canon in D.” I could already hear the sound of sniffles and noses being blown as I listened through the doors. “What if I trip as I’m walking down the aisle? What if I forget my vows? What if I cry too much?” The list of possible unfortunate events scrolled through my mind. Finally, there was an anxious pause in the music. The church was filled with deafening silence. The only sound in my ears was that of my heart beating loud and fast. Then I heard what I had been waiting for, the beginning notes of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” the song I had chosen to walk down the aisle to. I listened and attempted to calm my nerves. At last I could feel the heavy wooden doors whoosh open in front of me and it was my big moment. My eyes instantly darted to the front of the church and locked with the eyes of my best friend, the man who would become my husband in just a few minutes. I could see his eyes well up with tears and his face fill with his captivating smile. That moment is captured in my mind as a sacred photograph to be cherished for a life time.

The time came for me to take that first step down the seemingly never-ending aisle. My eyes stayed locked on my destination, with exception of the few quick glances toward the gathering of loved ones. Each glance was met with smiles, tears, and winks. What a joy and blessing to be surrounded by such love and support! The thought nearly overwhelmed me as I uttered thanksgivings to the One who had orchestrated such an event.

With each step down the aisle I could feel my face getting brighter than a tomato ripening on the vine. The reality of an entire congregation focused solely on me sank in. At that moment I was thankful for my father’s strong arm holding me up. I had always admired his strength and support, and my admiration was abundant at that moment. Together, we finally reached the end of the aisle. After a sweet prayer by my grandfather and a warm embrace with my father, I took my groom’s hand. The transfer from one set of strong and supportive hands to another was smooth and tearful. I finally felt safe and comfortable next to my Beloved. The next step was to promise our lives and commitment to each other. He promised me safety, support and protection for our life together. With complete confidence, I looked into the eyes of my best friend and said those sacred vows. It was at that moment that my life changed. I vowed to love, honor, support, obey, and follow my husband every day for the remainder of our lives. I promised to be loyal and faithful to God first and to this man as my husband. I chose to have my life change on that day and it was a wonderful and rewarding choice.