Friday, April 03, 2015

Evelyn is 2

2 Years Old
Likes: Mickey Mouse, being outside, dolls, riding her bicycle, chocolate, singing, Walmart, medium rare steak, grits, tapirs
Dislikes: washing her hair, sleeping alone, going to the doctor, swimming
Our sweet and lively girl turns 2 today. She has been so excited for her birthday and talking about it for several weeks. She has had her birthday plans made for a while. One night during her bath about a month or so ago, she decided she would "eat chocate cakes with Bobbie Jo, Jamie, and Audrey at a restaurant" for her birthday. This week we've been talking about her party at the park with her friends and chocolate cupcakes. She also informed us that she needed to go to the zoo to see the tapirs for her birthday. So that's what we'll do.

This has been a busy, fun, emotional, and exciting year. Evelyn made two trips to Illinois, two trips to Mississippi, a trip to Texas, and a trip to New York City this year. I am thankful for a good traveler (as long as she is thoroughly entertained) and for the excitement when it's time for a trip. Living away from all our family is very difficult, but I am thankful for opportunities to travel.
Bike riding through Central Park
New York City Skyline
New York City - June 2014, Evelyn 14 months old
Thanksgiving in Illinois
First experience with snow at Thanksgiving in Illinois - Evelyn 19 months old
Thanksgiving with Cousin Lily
Crouse Family at Christmas
Christmas 2014 - Evelyn 20 months old
She has developed a love for going to church and often asks if we're going each day. She is learning how to act during the worship service and some Sundays are better than others. In the past few months we've really been focusing on starting teaching her the discipline of worship and why she has to sit still and be quiet. We've been focusing on less toys and playtime during the worship service. I'll be honest, this is very difficult and I want to give up often. But, I remind myself of the importance and the long term implications.

All dressed for church - February 2015, Evelyn 22 months

One of the big events from this year was our car accident and Evelyn's broken leg. I am still amazed at the mercy of God through that situation. She handled the 6 weeks in the cast like it wasn't a big deal and has no lasting problems. I show her pictures and videos of her time in the cast and she always asks "what happened to Evelyn?"
Learning to crawl with her cast - August 2014, Evelyn 16 months old
Last day of the cast!
I am constantly amazed at Evelyn's thirst for knowledge and how she takes in EVERYTHING! She is a very fast learner (except when it comes to discipline) and has a memory like I've never seen. She will remember a person/toy/event months after the fact. When we were in Mississippi for Christmas, she enjoyed playing with a singing Rudolph. When we got to my grandparents' house for this last visit a few weeks ago, it took her about three minutes to look where the Rudolph was and ask what happened to it. She loves to ask names of people when we're out and about. If she learns a checkers' name at the grocery store, she will ask for that person by name the next time we're there.

I have a feeling she will keep us on our toes and be very challenging to keep engaged when we begin schooling. I'm looking forward to that time, but also a little nervous. She's not one to play with toys much, but loves practical life and learning activities. She loves to do puzzles, but gets bored once she's mastered them. She loves to read books and read to her dolls. Her baby dolls are one of her favorite toys. I believe she currently has 9 dolls, each with names, and she knows them all by name. It makes my heart happy to see her taking care of her dolls and role playing with them like I take care of her. She will repeat conversations that I've had with her. It is sweet to watch. It's also eye-opening to see how she views different scenarios.

On a skills level, she knows all her shapes and colors. She can sing her ABCs and can identify about half of the letters. She can rote count to about 15 and has recently been doing 1:1 correspondence with more consistency. She helped me prepare treat bags for her birthday party and when we finished, she pointed to each bag and counted 12 of them. She can also sort objects by color. She loves to look at seek and find books. She loves to sing and has recently started enjoying playing "Name that Tune." We will take turns humming a tune and naming what the other person has hummed. Her favorites (and ones she usually picks to hum) are "Twinkle Twinkle," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "Nothing but the Blood."

Evelyn is constantly busy, constantly moving, and constantly talking. She is curious about her surroundings and always has a lot of questions. She is very sensitive to feelings and gets concerned when someone is sad or sick. She loves to give hugs and kisses. I have no doubts she will be a loving and helpful big sister.

I am thankful for a wonderful year with my girl. I enjoyed recap the year with her before she went to bed last night. I reminded her of all the big events of the year. The days are long, but the years are short. It's a sweet time and I'm thankful for our sweet girl. She is a blessing from the Lord.

Happy Birthday, Evelyn!
17 months old
At the zoo with Mum - September 2014, Evelyn is 17 months old

Visit with Pop - September 2014, Evelyn 17 months old
Christmas - 20 months old