Monday, October 07, 2013

6 Months

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz, 79th percentile
Height: 26 1/2 inches: 73rd percentile
Head: 16 1/2

My Girl,

You're six months old now and just as precious as ever. This has been such a fun month, yet one that has made my head spin. You are learning and growing faster than I can process. It seems like you are learning something new every time I turn around.

You have become a pro at rolling now. You can flip from your back to your front quite easily and do so often. It's a little more uncommon for you to go from back to front, but you can. You are much happier being on the floor now that you have figured out you can choose if you want to be on your back or tummy. When you are on your tummy, you are constantly tapping your left foot on the floor. It's rather cute.

It's amazing to think that just 4 months ago I was fighting with you to do 5 minutes of tummy time and worried about your torticollis. This month you have learned to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. You put your head down and it's obvious you are trying to figure out how to crawl. You can scoot backwards, but haven't figured out the forward motion yet. I'm not in any hurry for you to figure it out. I know that once you start crawling you are going to be into EVERYTHING! You also like to try to get into a sitting position from all fours. It usually results in you falling on your face. You're a tough little thing though and don't put up much of a fuss. You continue to scoot around on your back quite well.

Up on all fours
This is what happens when you can only go backward
You have also mastered sitting unassisted this month. It's so nice to put you down with a few toys and let you play while I take care of something else. Mum bought a new toy for you to play with on the floor and you do a great job sitting and playing with it. You still occasionally fall backward or tip over if you're reaching for something. You are trying to sit yourself up from lying down, but you can mainly get your head and shoulders up and get frustrated.

We have reached the fun stage of you grabbing at everything! When I hold you, your hands are constantly going for my glasses or necklace. Your stretch arms can reach things I would never imagine you can reach. It has become difficult to hold you on my lap while I eat, because you are swiping at the plate, throwing my napkin down, trying to grab my drink, or sticking your hand in my plate.

Trying an apple
We have been playing around with some food this month, but you still aren't showing much interest. You have tried apples, blueberries, carrot, celery, honeydew and sweet potato. Each time you take a few licks or maybe one small taste, but get bored quickly. Most of the food I've put in the mesh feeder, but some we have fed you off our plate.

Your personality is really coming out now. You are such a happy, social baby with a strong will. You jabber and "sing" all day. Sometimes I catch you staring at me and you will smile at me with one glance. You love to play pat-a-cake and sing silly songs. The jumper is still one of your favorite activities and now you enjoy playing with your new ball-popping toy from Mum. You like to mock your Daddy when he makes noise at you. It's fun to think that in just a few months those babbling sounds will turn into words. I know you have a lot to share!

You have learned that your mouth can do all kinds of fun things. You like to blow spit bubbles, stick your tongue out and suck on it, and try to give kisses. You're not very consistent with the kisses, but if I make kissing sounds and say "give me a kiss," you will often open up and attack my face. It's sweet and slobbery.

See my tongue?

Another delightful month has come and gone. Another month full of smiles and giggles. Another month full of sweet kisses and warm snuggles. Another month of joyful days. I love you to the moon and back. Keep growing, sweet baby!

Eating paper is a favorite hobby
 Other milestones I want to remember:
  • Sitting in shopping cart
  • Paying more attention to Wesley and pulling his hair
  • Sleeping in crib for part of the night and co-sleeping the rest of the night
  • Transferring objects from hand to hand
  • Reaching for toys and working to get toys out of reach
  • Got a second tooth on the bottom
  • Playing with and using a sippy cup (usually with a little water, sometimes pumped milk)