Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Woman's Work

You know the old saying, "A woman's work is never done?' Well, do I know it's true! I've been working at cleaning the house today and trying not to feel a little discouraged as I went.

 Just as soon as you get the dishes all washed and the kitchen cleaned up, it's time to make the next meal. Just as soon as the dusting is done, the dog shakes and there's fur all over everything. Just as soon as you feel caught up on the laundry, you realize everyone in the house is wearing clothes that are now dirty. Just as soon as you sort out the mail pile cluttering the desk, the mailman pulls up with today's mail.

Despite the constant state of disarray the house seems to be in, I'm thankful. A sink full of dishes means we had a meal to eat. Dog hair on the furniture means we have presence of "man's best friend." A pile of laundry means we have sufficient clothes to wear. Mail cluttering the desk means...well, usually bills, but occasionally a nice card or letter. There are blessings among the mess.

(On a positive note, I would like to brag on my sweet girl. She was so good today while her Mama furiously cleaned the house. We rewarded ourselves with a nice swim in the pool. She was a splashing fool!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Transitions. They can be both good and bad.

This month has involved a lot of transitions for our girl. This week we're currently transitioning Evelyn from sleeping in the rock n' play at night to the pack n' play. Last week I noticed that she was getting herself turned on her side in the rock n play (even while swaddled), so we decided it was time to say goodbye and move on to the next step. I was a little sad when we packed the rock n' play away. Just another sign our baby is growing way too fast.

Neither Chris nor I are quite ready for her to be in her crib in her own room, so she's in the pack n' play next to our bed. It's just much easier when she's up a couple times a night to nurse. Besides, we like having her close to us. Yes, we're "those kind of people."

Anyway, it has been an interesting week. I call them "newborn nights." You know, when you're up more than you're in the bed. You are so tired you can barely pick up the baby for the fourth time in an hour. Those nights.

 But, on a positive note, night three was a little better than nights one and two. Progress, we're making progress.

Now, why am I not napping while Little Miss is napping? Rookie mistake.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

4 Months

Weight: 16 lbs, 83%
Height: 25 inches, 72%
Head: 16 inches, 50%

Our sweet girl,

You're four months old now and just a bundle of joy. You instantly light up with a great big smile in the morning, which makes it pretty hard not to smile right back. Mornings are definitely your happiest time. We've started a little routine of changing your diaper first thing, then I put you in your crib for a little naked time and air out from the night. Oh my, does that make you happy! After you've had enough naked time, I put you in your bouncer in the kitchen with me while I make breakfast.

This month you've become much more interactive. You will laugh the sweetest little belly laughs that make this Mama's heart happy. You're starting to show more interest in your toys, mainly your dancing ant thing. Unfortunately, it suffered an untimely death last week, but we're working on getting a new one. I have to admit, I was a little sad when it stopped working, because it's the first toy you've shown an interest in.

Tummy time is easy breezy now. You don't need to use the Boppy at all and you just have a good ol' time. You're starting to pull your legs up under you and scoot just a little bit. You look so big holding your head up and looking around. When you're on your back, you've started pushing off with your feet and scooting around backwards. You can get off your blanket in no time. The days of just putting you down on the bed while I run to the bathroom are over! You are so close to rolling over too! You did roll from your stomach to your back one time. You can get on your side with one leg kicked over, but then fall back.  


We've started going to story time at the library once a week and you love it. We read books together at home all the time and you enjoy that, so adding the fun of other kids is just extra exciting. You like to watch the other kids playing and singing. I was surprised by how much you like the songs with the hand motions (Patty Cake, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC). I'm excited to make a little reader out of you!

Daddy and I have loved getting to hear your voice more. You have learned how to squeal, which is adorable. You jabber constantly and add a little squeal here and there. Sometimes when I have music on in the car, you will let out this long jabbering/moan sound like you're trying to sing along. At least that's what I make of it.

We took you to the beach for the first time this month. Honestly, it was not enjoyable. It was super hot, even though we had a nice tent. There were bugs flying around and biting me. You kept getting sand on your hands and rubbing it in your eyes. You wouldn't nurse because you were too hot. We only stayed about an hour and a half. We'll save the beach for when you're a little older and it's not the middle of the summer.

You experienced your first long church meeting weekend this month and did great! I have to admit, it was a lot of fun picking out all the dresses you would get to wear and dressing you up for 5 services. You did so well during each of the services and didn't seem too out of your routine. You are still a bit of a Mama's girl (but growing out of that more each day), so you didn't want too many people to hold you during the weekend.

You had your first long car trip this month. We took you back to Mississippi to see your Papaw and Great Grandma Kate and to meet Uncle Bryan, Aunt Jenn, and Cousin Everett who were visiting. I was nervous about how you would do in the car for that long. You did great on the way there. I sat with you in the back and played with your toys and read you books. You only cried for a few minutes each time you fought your nap, but then you slept great. The trip back home was a different story. I think you got a little too spoiled during the week in Mississippi. You were much fussier and spent a big chunk of the drive screaming. It was a little miserable at times.


You stopped taking your pacifier this month, which is completely fine with me. You never were very attached to it, just wanting it on occasion when you would be going to sleep. I would always have it with me anywhere we went and carry it around the house all day, just in case you NEEDED it. Thankfully, you decided you don't want it at all anymore and it's so liberating. One less thing to worry about when I'm packing the diaper bag.

You are such a sweet, happy, healthy baby girl. I love being able to stay home and spend every day with you. From the moment you wake me up with your big smile and we snuggle in bed to the bedtime nursing and snuggling, I try to just soak up the moments.You melt my heart with your smile. One of my very favorite things is to kiss you on your cheeks and mouth and just take in your sweet, milky, baby breath. Kissing you is something I do about a thousand times a day. My favorite is when you've fallen asleep and your lips are all poochy. So sweet!  In some ways, I'm sad that you're growing out of the newborn things and developing more. But I'm also excited for each new thing you learn.