Monday, June 24, 2013

Trip to Mississippi

Last week we were able to travel to Mississippi for Evelyn to meet her great grandparents. My brother, sister in law, niece, and Mom were also able to travel down for a visit at the same time. We enjoyed a week of family and Evelyn got even more spoiled than she already was, which I didn't think was possible.

Chris was sick the Friday and Saturday before we were supposed to leave and wasn't feeling great on Sunday, but felt well enough to make the trip. We had planned to leave after church and make the 8-10 hour drive (it was 8 hours when we made it pre-baby, so I was estimating it would take 10). Since Chris was feeling rather lousy, I knew I would have to do most of the driving. Thankfully, at the last minute, we were blessed to be able to fly to Mississippi. It was such a relief and a HUGE blessing! Evelyn did great on the flight. I nursed her during take off and landing, she slept and just played in my lap during the 3 hour flight. It was my first experience in a small plane (6 seater), but it wasn't much different from a commercial flight.

I was a little nervous about how Evelyn would do while at my grandparents'. She is definitely a Mama's girl and doesn't care for many other people to hold her. Thankfully, she did really well and didn't cry too much. She did have a few meltdowns that could only be soothed by Mama, but that's to be expected at 2 1/2 months.

We spent the week mostly staying around my grandparents' house and visiting. My niece, Lily, turned one the week before, so we celebrated her birthday. It was fun to have the cousins together for the first time. Evelyn didn't pay much attention to Lily, but Lily was curious about Evelyn. Of course, my grandparents were so in love with Evelyn. Evelyn especially liked sitting with her Papaw in the mornings and swinging outside with Great Grandma Kate. Thankfully, Chris started feeling better mid-week. My SIL is a doctor and she is pretty certain he had West Nile Virus. While it was icky and miserable for him, we were thankful it wasn't anything contagious and that it wasn't Evelyn who had it. We are going to be even more cautious with her outside now!

Our most important cargo is ready for her first plane ride.

Papaw snatched Evelyn right away


Evelyn with Great Grandma Kate

Great Aunt Daphnea getting Evelyn to sleep on the porch swing

Evelyn was awake for more of the flight home and loved looking out the plane window.

We're back home and getting back into the swing of our daily routine and getting ready for company this weekend!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

2 Months

Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz,84%
Height: 23 inches, 76%
Head: 14 inches, 23%

Baby Evelyn,

You're two months old now and I'm frantically looking for the "pause" button.  I have loved watching you grow and change this past month, but you can stop for a while! You are such a happy baby and a joy to be around.

In this past month you have become more adjusted to the world and are a far more content baby. Mama and Daddy are learning you a little better and our days are going smoother. You have gotten into a fairly consistent routine of eat, play, sleep. I'm noticing that you are eating and sleeping around the same times each day. You are still a little unpredictable as to how often you want to eat, but I don't mind going with the flow.

You have become so much more interactive this past month. I love the time after you eat when you are the happiest. We often lay you on the bed and you will "talk" and smile at us. I also have enjoyed being able to put you in your bouncer in the kitchen with me while I'm working. You will sit there and just watch me do my work as you kick and "talk." I'm usually singing or talking to you as I work and will occasionally stop to make your music play on the bouncer. I love it when you will give me a big smile in those moments.

Bath time continues to be a favorite activity for you. When I first put you in the tub, you make a surprised face and almost look like you're going to cry. But I splash a little water on you and you start smiling and kicking around. You love to wiggle around, kick, and talk to me. I sing and will talk to you about all kinds of stuff. After about 15-20 minutes, I get tired of sitting on the floor and your water gets cold. You let me know that you are not happy about getting out. I let you lay on the changing table and air dry a while before I get you dressed, which makes you happy.

You love your Daddy! You have started being more content and happy when he holds you instead of always crying for me. He plays a little game with you where he kisses you and says "oh boy" and you love it! You give him a big smile and will usually talk to him. I love seeing the two of you together and how much he loves you. He comes right over to talk to you and kiss you when he comes home from work. You turn your head and look for him as soon as you hear his voice.

You have developed great sleeping habits this month. You typically sleep on our walk in the morning for about 45 minutes, then take a longer nap (1-2 hours) around 11, and couple more 30 minute naps in the afternoon/evening. You are usually asleep for the night around 10 or 11 and sleep until 3. After nursing and playing a while, you are back to sleep until 6:30. A few nights this past week you have slept 6-7 hour stretches at night, which is great! I do enjoy our middle of the night feeding. You are usually very smiley and happy, but then get very snuggly when you are ready to go back to sleep.

You have been quite a Mama's girl this past month, but you're starting to let your Daddy hold you a little more. I don't mind that you want me all the time. In fact, just today we were out running errands and you were in your car seat for several hours. When we got home, you were ready to nurse. As I nursed you and held you for a while, I realized that I had missed having you in my arms while we were out and about. Granted, it does get a little difficult to get things done when you want to be held, but we're working through it. I love our special times together when you're nursing or I'm rocking you to sleep. I love when you're happy and playing, but I sure do love your snuggles!

I love you, sweet girl, and I love being your Mama. I'm excited to see how you grow and develop in the next month.