Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have a wonderfully handy husband. As a result, I now have several new pieces of decor around the house. We've spent the past few days combining garage sale finds, treasures from my parents' house, items laying around our house, a few new things, and our design ideas.

Let's go on a tour....

1). The Breakfast Room.

I want a blue and white kitchen. Chris does not want a blue and white kitchen. Our breakfast room has ugly bluish/tan wallpaper. We got a beautiful blue and white plate as a wedding gift, and it's found a home in our breakfast room. Two weeks ago I bought the white milk glass vase (on the left shelf) at a garage sale for $0.50. I bought some shelves at a garage sale this past weekend and started painting those white. Sadly, they were not wide enough for the vase and teapot to sit on. So, Chris went to work building the shelves you see in the picture.

I purchased the "Simplify" sign and wooden "C" at Hobby Lobby last weekend for less than $5 combined. The teapot I bought at Old Time Pottery for $12.99 (a little bit of a splurge). The pitcher was one of Chris' grandmothers and the spools were his grandmothers. Now, I have a blue and white area in our house!

2). Living Room, Exhibit A

These shelves were the ones that were supposed to be in the kitchen. Chris painted them green (the same green as the frame in previous post). The little plaques were a Christmas gift (thanks, Liz!) and the figurine was our cake topper at our wedding.

3). Living Room, Exhibit B

This is what the living room wall looked like before. (Please excuse the crazy faces of my siblings.)


My parents are remodeling the living room and dining room in their house. These windows came from their house. They didn't have the slat/grill/trim things in them when we brought them home. Chris put those in and painted the whole window sage green (same as shelves and frame). We bought scrapbooking paper at Micheal's, cut them to size, and taped them to the glass.

Here's a close-up of one of them. I love how they turned out!

3). Living Room, Exhibit C

This wall just had the mirror on it before. The sconce was hanging where the green shelves now are. The other wall hanging is just a framed piece of scrapbook paper. We had the frame already. This is the more masculine addition to the room!

Here's a view of all three of the exhibits together.

Thank you to my fantastic husband, Chris, for all your help on these projects and for letting me make so many changes to our house!

DIY Wall Hanging

This past Saturday I went to a few garage sales and picked up a couple items I thought would be good craft projects. I started working on them that afternoon. I've been wanting to make a new wall hanging with a scripture verse on it. I had a blank 11 X 14 canvas and some paint already, and I found this picture frame for $1 (or maybe only $0.50, I can't remember now!).

I took the lovely picture of Gabriel out and painted the frame a sage green color. (Sorry, no picture. Just look at the picture of the finished product.)

Next, I got the canvas and painted it red.

Once the red dried, I used scrap booking letters to write out the scripture verse. (If you're wondering, yes I got the letters a little lopsided. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I was completely finished. I blame it on my equilibrium being off. I can't write straight, I can't cut straight, I can't walk straight, I can't drive straight... it's just life!)

Next, I painted over it with the same green as the frame. I did 2 coats to get good coverage.

Once the paint dried, I peeled off the stickers. I had to touch-up some of the letters using a toothpick because the green leaked through. I found some rub-on decals in the scrapbook section at Micheal's and rubbed those in the corners.

I bought a red mat at Micheal's and framed the picture.

Here it is hanging on the wall. It's a little Christmas-like, but I like it. What do you think?

Break down of cost:

Frame - - $1 at garage sale
Canvas - - free, already had
Paint - - free, already had
Letter stickers -- $2.99
Decals -- $2.99
Mat - - $6.99

Total: $14.97

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Projects (Liz, this post is mostly for you!)

I've been itching to do some DIY projects around the house. I worked on some this weekend, which I will post about when they are complete. Tonight I did a quick project to make a new wall hanging.

I've had this wrapping paper since my birthday in December (thanks, Strem!) and knew I wanted to make a wall hanging out of it. So, tonight I gathered the wrapping paper, a sage/olive green mat that I've had for over a year, and a black frame that Chris had in the basement.

First, I cleaned up the frame a little. Then I cut the wrapping paper to fit the size of the mat. I taped the wrapping paper onto the mat and put it all together.


I love how it turned out! We hung it in our dining room, where it ties in well with our black dining room chairs and the green in our living room.

*Liz, notice what's on the table!?!? Yes, some apothecary jars! Chris bought these for me this weekend on his trip. Isn't he great!?!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

There's no way it's been a year already!

It's true, today marks one year since I married my wonderful husband! It can't be true, but it is. The year has flown by, but it's been a good one. I'm thankful to God for blessing me with an amazing, smart, and God-fearing husband. I am amazed daily at His blessings upon us.

This is my favorite of our wedding pictures. You can see the genuine happiness and excitement!

I feel like I've learned a lot about my husband and about marriage in this past year, but I know there is a WHOLE lot more to learn in the years to come! I pray that God would help me to be patient, attentive, and open to learn the lessons unfolding daily. I pray for many more wonderful and blessed years with the man I love by my side. I pray for those around us to know, feel, and share in the love our Heavenly Father bestows upon us.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

I've recently become a follower of Kristin's blog. Every Friday she does a post titled, "My Husband Rocks," where she brags on her husband. It's very sweet. Well, I never like to pass up an opportunity to brag on my wonderful husband, so I decided to also do a post.

My husband rocks because he can do almost anything around the house. My dad is a very handy man. He's always doing some kind of project around the house and nothing is too hard for him to handle. When I would think about the kind of man I wanted to marry, I knew I wanted a man who is handy like my dad. It just simply had to be. Thankfully, the Lord blessed me with such a man.

Many of you may be friends with my husband on Facebook and notice that he often has posts about all the tasks he's accomplished each day. It's usually quite a list and makes me exhausted just thinking about it! I would like to take this opportunity to make it very clear to everyone that these tasks ARE NOT things that I have put on a "honey-do list." No, my husband is so wonderful that he sees the things that need to be done around the house and just does them. It's amazing.

He always says he has two speeds: Tasmanian Devil or Doing Nothing. When he gets set in that Tasmanian Devil speed, he goes to town!

We're currently spending some time in Texas visiting his family. We're staying at his Great Grandmother's house (she lives with us in Illinois, but she's glad to be back in her home for a while!). When we got here last night, we noticed several things that needed to be done around the house. In his usual manner, my husband was up early this morning getting things accomplished. He trimmed trees in the yard, put up some paneling in her kitchen, scrubbed the kitchen real well, washed the windows, fixed the carpet, rigged up a light or two, hauled out an old refrigerator, and rearranged things. I know I'm missing a few things to add to the list, but this will suffice to prove my point that he is just simply wonderful!

Like my dad, there isn't anything that my husband can't do. He is smart and knows how to fix nearly anything. He can rig up handy contraptions all around the house. He can clean like no other man I know!

If you can't tell, I admire my husband and I am very in love with him! He is fabulous, wonderful, amazing, and one-of-a-kind!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Isaac and Heather Corn

This past weekend my older brother, Isaac, got married in Lexington, KY. The wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. I got the opportunity to be "assistant photographer" to my Aunt Daphnea. She did our wedding pictures and did a fantastic job. I tried to capture some of the little moments and "behind the scenes" type things that she wasn't able to catch.

I have a ton of pictures, which I haven't started editing yet. We're headed to Texas for several days, so perhaps I will have some time to do some editing then. For now, I'll leave you with a few of my favorites that I took.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mom and Dad's 30th Anniversary Dinner

On Tuesday, May 19th, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. All of their kids couldn't be home to celebrate with them on that day, but we planned a surprise dinner for them this weekend.

I really wanted this to be a special occasion. We didn't do anything for their 25th anniversary, which is a pretty big one. My parents aren't the type who like a lot of attention, so I didn't want to throw a huge party for them. I knew they would want something small with just their kids.

I planned a menu of:We tried to use their wedding colors, which were pink and mint green. Thankfully, my wedding colors were very similar, so I was able to reuse a lot of things.

Here is a picture of the table all decorated and ready to eat. Tasha did a wonderful job setting out the china and arranging the places.

We bought Mom a coursage and Dad a boutineere to wear for the evening. We placed them on their plates and presented them to them when they arrived.

I wanted to incorporate their unity candle from their wedding. It has their wedding invitation printed on it.

This is a picture of the cake and appetizer table.

I collected an assortment of picture of my parents and our family throughout the years and framed them. On this table is also a picture frame (back left) that we presented to them as a gift. It has their wedding picture in it, plus a wedding picture of each of their kids. (Well, only wedding pictures for the two of us who are married already. The other two will be added when that time comes.) I also created a slide show of pictures throughout the past 30 years, including many of their wedding pictures.

This is Mom and Dad arriving. They ended up finding out that Isaac and Bryan were coming (which was supposed to be a surprise). They didn't know that Bryan's wife, Jenn, was going to make it, so that was still a surprise.

We wanted to take a family portrait. So, we arranged our living room as a studio and used the handy-dandy tri-pod and self timer!

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. I had a lot of fun planning it and decorating for it. Mom and Dad were very happy to be with their kids. Mom even told me that it was the best anniversary present we could have given her!

Here is the slide show I created for the evening.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attempt at Cake Baking/Decorating

My parents' 30th wedding anniversary is this Tuesday. In honor of their anniversary, I came up with this grand idea of baking a nice cake and decorating it all pretty to take to church today. See, I have this wild imagination and I like to pretend that I am creative and crafty. In my head, I'm a photographer, an interior decorator, a baker, a chef, an artist, and a seamstress. But that's just in my head. When I try to put these things into action, it usually ends up a big mess and I get frustrated....such was the case today.

Anyway, back to the cake...I came up with this delicious sounding cake: Double Chocolate Raspberry. It was going to have one layer of chocolate cake, a raspberry filling, and a white cake, all frosted with white chocolate frosting. Then I would use my awesome cake decorating tools to make a pretty border, maybe some flowers and writing. It was going to be perfect!

I looked up recipes for chocolate cake, white cake, raspberry filling, and white chocolate icing from scratch....none of it looked too hard. I made sure I had all the ingredients and made a quick trip to the grocery store. I was set to go!

Saturday morning I got up early and started baking. I whipped up the two cake layers and set them to baking. All was going great....until I took the cakes out of the oven.

The white cake looked great! Nice and fluffy, not raised in the middle, just perfect! The chocolate cake, however, was a different story! It was about a half an inch thick and weighed around 2 pounds! It clearly didn't go well. I was frustrated, but couldn't do anything about it because I had to get ready to head out to my best friend's graduation.

On my 2.5 hour car ride over to the graduation, I figured out what the problem was. The recipe I used for the chocolate cake didn't call for any baking powder! How can you make a cake without baking powder?!? Isn't that what gives it the fluffiness and makes it rise?

This morning I got up early and was determined to finish this cake. I found a new recipe for chocolate cake, whipped it up, and set it to baking. Meanwhile, I got the raspberry filling and white chocolate icing ready. The icing was tricky...I made it about 3 times before I decided it would have to do.

I hate icing cake! I can never get it even. I get clumps of cake in the icing. I make a huge mess. By the time I got the cake iced in a way that didn't look like a 2 year old did it, there wasn't any time (or patience) left to do all the fancy flowers and piping. So, I took the easy road and placed milk chocolate and white chocolate chips around the edges, put a few fresh raspberries on the top and around the border and called it done.

Whew! What an adventure! The kitchen was a royal disaster when I got through! I'm so glad my husband, Mr. Clean himself, wasn't home! He would have had a few words to say about the mess I created!

This is just a sneak peak at the mess....I couldn't bring myself
to posting a picture of the entire mess!

I carried the cake to church (which was another tricky task, considering I didn't have a cake carrier) and pulled it out at lunch time. I presented it to Mom and Dad and took a nice picture of them with it.

All of the cake got eaten at church, which I guess is a good sign! All in all, it was a good experience. I learned a few things along the way:
  • Don't try to be Superwoman! I shouldn't have done everything from scratch. I think it would have been good to buy boxed cake and use that, but it was a good lesson.
  • You really need a good oven to do baking. Our oven is like a 55 year old going through menopause! It can't decide what temperature it wants to be, which causes some problems when baking.
  • Make sure your butter is soft when trying to make icing. Melted butter inhibits the fluffiness and whipped effect of icing.
  • Don't try to bake and decorate a cake on Sunday morning. It really ruins the mood!
  • Finally, I'm a loooooooong way from being on Ace of Cakes!
The final product!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laundry Day

Last week Chris hung a clothesline in the back yard for me. Actually, he ended up hanging 4 separate clotheslines! The more the merrier, right? I've been wanting a clothesline for a while and our dryer isn't working so great these days, which gave us even more reason to hang the line. So now that the weather is nicer, I get to use the clothesline instead of the dryer!

While my wonderful husband set to work hanging the line, I got busy making a clothespin bag. I looked up a pattern online and loved how it turned out. It was so easy and only took me about an hour!

This week was my first time using the line for laundry day and....I LOVE my clothesline! I love hanging up the clothes, I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing the clothes blowing in the wind. I love the smell of the clothes when I take them off the line. It makes me look forward to the next laundry day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The past four years have been filled with a lot of changes, a lot of excitement, a lot of learning, and a lot of growing. The decision to go to college after high school was a hard one for me. I knew I didn't want to be a career woman. My heart was (and still is) to be a wife, a stay-at-home mom, and to home school my children. The Lord helped me make the decision by providing the blessing of a scholarship to a nearby college. So, in August of 2005, I headed off to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, just 25 miles from the house where I had spent the last 18 years of my life. I signed up as a Special Education major, bought all the appropriate gear to be a college student and left the nest.

My freshman year of college was rough. I wasn't excited about college. As I told almost everyone who asked my about my plans after high school, I was just doing this to pass the time until I could meet a man to marry and move on with my life plans. I was determined that college was going to be a bad experience. I went through a rebellious stage and made some poor decisions during those years. I pulled away from a lot of relationships that were vital to me. I became very introverted. I really lost all sense of purpose, direction, and reliance on God. I wasn't sure why He hadn't allowed me to follow through the plans I had created and felt were right. I was lost and really didn't care.

Thanks be to God, He was still in control. I met some wonderful women that year who God used to get me back on track. I was involved in starting a Women's Bible Study on campus. Unintentionally, I had great accountability partners and friends. It wasn't until after that year that I realized how much of an impact these women had on my life. I am continually amazed at the mysterious ways in which God moves. His ways, His plans, and His guiding are often unknown until a culminating event brings them all to light. I can't exactly pinpoint the time when this happened for me, however, my life changed after that first year of college.

The summer between my freshman and sophomore year was interesting. I had this idea that I was to end my time at college. I felt God was calling me to serve Him more wholly. Because I had had a rough year, I had my mind set that there was no way I could serve the Lord to my fullest potential while a college student. My mind changed on this from week to week, and often from day to day. One day I was determined to make the most out of my college experience. I was going to join every student group possible, take challenging classes, and maybe even study abroad! While the next day, college was the last thing I wanted to do. It was a place where I strayed from God, I had no need for a college education, and I wasn't going to enroll for the next semester. I was one confused girl!

After much prayer, much crying, and much discussion with my parents, I decided I would go ahead and enroll in the next semester and see how I felt at Christmas break. This was an acceptable compromise, but I just knew I wouldn't be back after that! Thankfully, the Lord showed me down His path and gave me peace. The fall semester of my sophomore year was a turning point. I spent every day praying for God to reveal His will for me. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time with my sister-in-Christ, Shelly, who did an amazing job encouraging me. She never judged me or looked down on me when I shared with her my feelings about quiting school. She challenged me to pray about how I could serve Christ in a bigger way as a student. We shared the struggle of giving Him our most while also dedicating time to our studies and trying to battle the diverse temptations that occur while living on a college campus.

Throughout that time, we also started riding bikes with (my now husband) Chris. Shelly was of the thought that this was just something fun to do and get our mind off studying. I, on the other hand, had the agenda of getting to spend more time around Chris without anyone thinking much of it! But that's a whole different story..... Anyway, during these bike rides, I would often talk about my desires to quit school. I would nonchalantly ask Chris his opinion, with a two-fold purpose: 1). I honestly wanted his counsel about it, and 2). I knew I wanted to be his wife and I was trying to figure out if he had any feelings for me. (Because, if he had feelings, then he probably wouldn't want me to finish college, since we would quickly get married and have cute babies, right?) Chris was very good to always encourage me to press on. His counsel was similar to Shelly's: God was calling me to serve Him in a place where His name wasn't boldly proclaimed.

After Christmas break that year, I decided that I was going to finish school. God was going to give me the strength, but I needed to make some changes. Those changes included moving off of campus and back home with my parents. By doing this, I could follow the feeling of needing to be under my parents' protection and authority, while still getting and education that I could use in a way glorifying to the Father. This decision to move home was not met with much approval from my friends, which taught me the importance of being bold about my feelings of God's calling.

The next 2.5 years weren't a walk in the park by any means, but they were easier. During that time God made known to Chris and me that we were to be together. I am incredibly thankful for the Lord's guidance in making His will known in His time. The encouragement that my husband has given me as I finished school is amazing. In the times that I wanted to throw in the towel and give it all up, he encouraged me to keep going. He reminded me that I can make a difference in the lives of children I teach. Even when I was placed in a rough school and I hated going each day, he kindly reminded me that God has called us to be salt and light. He reminded me that God would use me in an amazing way and I needed to glorify His name at all times. There are not words to express my thankfulness to him for these encouraging words and loving reminders.

Now as I sit here, the realization that I am a college graduate has not quite set in completely. I don't feel much different having tossed my tassel from the right to the left. I don't feel much different having heard my name announced, walked across that stage, and holding a fake diploma in my hand. Sure, it's strange to be called "Mrs. Crouse," and actually be looking for a real job. But, the biggest difference is in the lessons I've learned about the faithfulness of God in times when I feel like I'm following a muddy path.

Chris preached a sermon this morning that helped bring this home. In Psalm 139, David writes about the knowledge of God. "O Lord, thou knowest it altogether." He knew that I would make it through that first year and a half of college when I thought it was ridiculous. He knew the impact those women, especially Shelly, would have on my life. He knew the outcome of those bike rides with Chris. He knew the purpose for sending me to classrooms and schools that were beyond my comfort level. And today, He knows the plans for us. He knows if I will be used to make a difference in the lives of students. He knows if my education will be useful in raising and education our own children. He knows. He knows. He knows.

I wouldn't change the past four years for anything. Sure, I made some bad decisions and experienced discouraging times. However, I am thankful for those experiences. I am thankful for each turn of the wheel that helps the Potter mold the clay. I am thankful for His unseen hand when I can't see and when I'm too stubborn to look. I am thankful for the people the Lord uses to help guide my path. I am thankful for His unending mercy.

My wonderful support system.

His support and encouragement is amazing!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fun with the camera

During Christmas break I decided to start a project. I wanted to make Christmas presents for my brothers. One day when surfing around on the Internet, I found this cool idea of spelling out your last name in pictures. The website was pretty cool, but awfully pricey. I figured I could try creating this artwork myself. I borrowed my dad's nice camera and set out on a scavenger hunt for letters. Here's what I came up with:

This is the one I did for Bryan and Jenn:

This one was for Isaac and Heather:

*I realize the R in this one looks more like an F...I was very disappointed in how this turned out. However, it makes it even more abstract!

I had a lot of fun working on this project. I even started collecting more letters with the hopes of making some money off it some day.