Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis the Season

We were motivated to get all the boxes unpacked and our house set up so quickly so we could enjoy decorating our home for Christmas. This is a favorite time of year for us and we love decorating together. It was so exciting to be able to decorate our new home. Although, I have to admit that it was a little odd putting up Christmas decorations in capris, a tshirt, and flip flops!

Almost 8 1/2 feet tall...314 ornaments

Top of the china cabinet (sorry the pictures are crooked, I'm not using my normal editing program)

Stack of Christmas card waiting to be mailed.

Our Dickens Village set up on the hearth

I love having a mantle to decorate!

Blue and silver mini tree on the hearth

Chris did a great job putting lights on the outside of the house

Wesley fits in with the Christmas decorations perfectly!

Friday, December 09, 2011

So Long, Texas. Hello, Florida.

This is old news to my lovely readers, but we are now living in beautiful Plant City, Florida. On November 28th, we loaded up our household of earthly treasures and began the journey to Florida. We were so thankful to have the help of the Cunningham Moving Company (AKA: church members from Little Union Primitive Baptist Church) to help us with the move.

I'm going to borrow a few pictures from Danielle to show the highlights of Moving Day.

The guys and Sis. Sheila went to Abilene to pick up the moving trucks while Danielle and I packed up the last of the house. She was a wonderful help! I was to the point where I couldn't think of packing another box. The moving trucks arrived on the scene around 11 AM and we quickly set to work.

Bro. Gary Sr. was the man-in-charge! He is a professional mover and knows what he's talking about. I quickly learned to say "yes, sir" and do what he said.

We finished loading the first truck around 2 PM. After a short lunch break, we set to work on the second truck.

After we finished loading up most of our house, we had to go to a little house Chris' grandma owns where we had a lot of stuff in storage. It was only about 3 blocks down the street, so Danielle and I just hitched a ride in the back of the truck. I felt like I needed some candy to throw out to the little children. Except there weren't any children around.

Where did all this stuff come from?!?!

As the guys were loading my grill and a few other things into the back of the pick-up, us girls worked hard on making sure the self-timer worked right on the camera. It was a hard, hard job.

Both trucks are all loaded and we're about ready to pull out. I wonder why the men look so much more exhausted than the ladies? We did work hard, I promise!

Thankfully, Grandma and I were able to fly from Dallas to Tampa. I was very sad to miss out on the 22 hour road trip, but someone has to make the difficult sacrifices. ;) Grandma and I left Tuscola around 7:30 PM to drive to Dallas. We stayed in a hotel and flew out around noon the next day. Chris and the moving company pulled out around 8:30 PM. They made it just past Dallas on Monday night. Tuesday they drove to Panama City, FL and finished the drive on Wednesday. They pulled into Lithia around 6:30 PM Wednesday night. I'm pretty sure none of them wanted to sit in the car for a very, very long time.