Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Woman's Work

You know the old saying, "A woman's work is never done?' Well, do I know it's true! I've been working at cleaning the house today and trying not to feel a little discouraged as I went.

 Just as soon as you get the dishes all washed and the kitchen cleaned up, it's time to make the next meal. Just as soon as the dusting is done, the dog shakes and there's fur all over everything. Just as soon as you feel caught up on the laundry, you realize everyone in the house is wearing clothes that are now dirty. Just as soon as you sort out the mail pile cluttering the desk, the mailman pulls up with today's mail.

Despite the constant state of disarray the house seems to be in, I'm thankful. A sink full of dishes means we had a meal to eat. Dog hair on the furniture means we have presence of "man's best friend." A pile of laundry means we have sufficient clothes to wear. Mail cluttering the desk means...well, usually bills, but occasionally a nice card or letter. There are blessings among the mess.

(On a positive note, I would like to brag on my sweet girl. She was so good today while her Mama furiously cleaned the house. We rewarded ourselves with a nice swim in the pool. She was a splashing fool!)


Michele said...

Before long you will be blessed with toys always out and spread everywhere by a certain beautiful little girl.

Ahh, the many blessings of life.
Love you all,

Elizabeth said...

A wise man once said, "Laundry is like infinity"...boy was he right!

Dani said...

And that's why I HATE cleaning house, I can never see the product of any completed job.