Tuesday, September 03, 2013

5 Months

Weight: estimating 17 1/2 pounds


You can't be 5 months already. It's just not possible. I must admit that I've been a little sad to see you turn 5 months. That means you're just one month away from being half a year old. I'm trying not to blink too much, because I know you will be one before I even know it.

This month has been full of changes. You are growing and changing every day. It's hard for me to keep track of all you're learning, because you are learning something new nearly every day. I thought I took a lot of pictures and videos before, but now it's my only hope for remembering this special time.

We started this month by transitioning you from the car seat stroller to the jogging stroller for walks. You love being able to see out and look around as we walk. You enjoy taking in the sights for about 15 minutes, then carry on with your nap. You look so big, yet so tiny in the stroller.

As I wrote last week, you also transitioned out of your rock n play at night. We've tried the pack n play some, but most nights you end up just sleeping in bed with us. It does make nighttime nursing a lot easier and we love having you close to us. In addition to not sleeping in the rock n play anymore, we also had to wean you off of being swaddled with the Miracle Blanket. We're using a sleep sack now, but you're still adjusting to your arms flailing around and waking you up.

This month you have become too big for your bouncy seat and swing. You sit in your high chair in the kitchen while I'm working or at the table while I'm eating. We also added a new toy...your jumper. Boy do you love that thing! The funny thing is you always fuss when we put you in it, but then as soon as we turn on the music and give you a little starter bounce, you love it! You've figured out how to play with most of the toys on it, even turning the pages on the little book part. You love the jumper so much that you rubbed a little blister on your big toe this week from so much jumping!

You have finally rolled over some this month, though I wouldn't say you've mastered it. You did it 3 times on day and a few other times here and there. Being the little turkey you are, you will get your whole body over except for the arm under you, but then flip back and give up. I'm not in too much of a hurry for you to get it down, because I know that you will be rolling all over the house. I'm satisfied with knowing that you do know how to do it.

Your main mode of independent transportation is scooting on your back. You bend your legs and push off with your feet, inch-worming around on your back. You can go pretty fast and get around quite well. I let you scoot around on the carpet at church last Sunday and you came home with a rug burn. You are constantly scooting off your play mat or blanket on the floor. It makes you very frustrated when you scoot into the corner of your crib and get stuck.

One of the biggest changes this month is that you got a tooth! One little tooth on the bottom. Thankfully, it wasn't too miserable of an experience. I am thankful for your amber necklace to help with the pain. Sleeping has been a bit sporadic and you have been nursing more frequently, but you haven't really been very fussy.

You and I took a trip up to Illinois to meet some more of your family this month. We flew on a big airplane and you did great! I was so proud when we landed in St. Louis and two men behind us were shocked because they didn't realize there was a baby in front of them. You had a great week in Illinois and got thoroughly spoiled. You were able to meet your Great Grandpa and Grandma Corn and spend some time with both of your cousins.

You are a joy and a delight, my girl. Your personality is developing more and more with each day. You love to smile and laugh. Your smile is absolutely contagious. Just this month you have started smiling at everyone you see as we're out and about. You love when your Daddy comes home and gives you kisses. Sometimes you like to play hard to get and turn away from him right as he's going to kiss you. You continue to discover your voice more and more. You jabber up a storm and squeal constantly. This past Sunday you squealed through most of evening services. Your jabbering has started to include some "da-da" sounds. I have been quick to let you know that "ma-ma" is a better sound to make.

There is so much more I could tell you, yet not enough words to say it all. As I tell you countless times a day, I love you, I love you, I love you. You are my sweet girl and my joy. I love spending my days with you and kissing you as much as I want. I will never get tired of feeling your soft skin on my lips and smelling your sweet milky breath.


Other things I want to remember about this month:
  • Graduated from infant insert to just sitting in the baby tub (supported)
  • Started reaching for and playing with bath toys
  • Started playing with/chewing on Sophie the Giraffe
  • Reaching for toys out of your reach
  • Watching Wesley and smiling/laughing at him
  • Can sit up with Boppy pillow behind you
  • Love to pull yourself up to standing when we hold your hands
  • Started reaching hands up if I go to pick you up





Michele said...

WOW!! 5 months already!!!!
Evelyn is absolutely beautiful!!!
(just like her Mama)
She is changing and growing and learning so much everyday.
Love the pictures!

Love you all! Mom

Dani said...

Wow, how she has grown. Don't you just love it when they start trying to string together letter sounds.

Brittany said...

Evelyn's such a little doll! I can't believe she's reaching for you now.