Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've decided that Wal-Mart's slogan should be, "where you won't believe your eyes." Because that's how I feel every time I go in there. I really shouldn't be all that surprised by what I encounter there, but I am each time. Today the cashier noticed Evelyn sucking on her thumb (which she rarely does) and went on and on about how it's better for babies to use a pacifier than their thumb. She was carrying on about her daughter who has a 1 month old and won't let her have a pacifier because she read it wasn't good for babies. I just smiled at her, loaded my cart, took my receipt and told her to have a nice day.

Speaking of shopping, Evelyn got to sit up in the card for the first time yesterday. Typically, I wear her in my wrap when I shop, which works pretty well. However, she's getting heavier and stretching out the wrap so that I am constantly adjusting it while shopping. We're getting an Ergo carrier soon, which I think will work a lot better.

She liked sitting in the cart alright, but wanted to be held when she got tired. She did throw a fit when I wouldn't let her have my shopping list (the child loves paper). I tried making her happy with the toys from the diaper bag. Ultimately, she was happy when I gave her a plastic produce bag to play with. I got some looks on that one. I wanted to say, "Listen, it's either the plastic bag or she screams. Take your pick."

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Christina T said...

Grrrr! It frustrates me to no end when people interject their opinion on how YOU are raising YOUR child. If she's happy and healthy, then you are doing your job. :-)