Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today, like many days, I spent too much time on the Internet reading blogs written by people I don't know. My finds today were much more interesting than they usually are. Actually, I wasn't intending to spend several hours reading through random blogs. I started by reading some of the articles found on the Biblical Womanhood site. I love this site and find myself making frequent visits here.

While I was reading through all the blogs, comments, articles, etc., I came across this interesting article from ABC News. The article is about a family of 10 in Tennessee who consider themselves to be part of the "Quiverfull Movement." The article and site explain the movement, so I'll let you read about it on your own. I would highly recommend you read the article and watch the video of the news story. I found it to be very encouraging. It isn't very common to hear of families who truly believe God is sovereign in all parts of their lives, especially concerning their family. It is even more uncommon to hear of these families being interviewed, and these stories being reported, on national television.

More than just their beliefs about the sovereignty of God in family planning, I was extremely encouraged to hear (in the video of the interview) the father say that he and his wife are attempting to bring their children up "in the fear and admonition of the Lord." I was shouting "Amen" as I heard him say the most he wanted for his daughters is for them to grow up to be godly women, fulfilling their biblical roles of wives and mothers. The family is just a great example of what God teaches and commands for men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and children. How earnestly I pray that the Lord bless me as I attempt (though feeble my attempt may be) to know and carry out my role now. Lord willing, one day I will be able to carry out the role of a wife and mother, doing so after the teachings of the Scriptures.


strem said...

I'm so glad you've loved the Biblical Womanhood site as much as I have. (I thought you would!) I am thankful that I have come to "know" many women (and families) who believe in allowing God to set family size, along with the many other things in life that we should be setting before God. I have a few more articles that I'd like to share with you - if you like these. (You'll just have to remind me!) I continue to pray for you in these endeavors.

lydia said...

I would love to read more articles about this or any other topic related.

Elizabeth said...

It is interesting that ABC did a story on the 'quiver full' movement, you wouldn't think the media would highlite such a God honoring thing. I hope we all are blessed with a quiver full, one day :)

joe4444 said...

Hey Lydia,
I really enjoy reading posts like this. Seeing people express the way their minds think about their lives and how they want to live for Christ.

I confess that I didn't yet read the articles you linked. I would really like to, they sound like something well worth reading, but its late and I don't have time right now. I just wanted to comment to at least let you know that I do try not to neglect blogs of those I meet a few ago at church meetings. Plus your a Cards fan, so your required to be my friend for life. Hope you for Da Bearce too. ;) God bless ~Joe