Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laundry Room Remodeling

Well, the remodeling in our house is about to begin. First up is the bathroom and laundry room. Laundry isn't the most exciting thing in the world, so I would like to have an inspiring, cheerful, and happy room in which to do this needed task. I spend a lot (ok, maybe a little too much) time reading crafting blogs. This has actually proven to be quite useful because I come up with a lot of inspiration. Today I'm going to share with you some dreams I have for my laundry room.

Photo courtesy of: A Scrapbook of Me

Ok, let me wipe the drool off my chin.....What do I love about this laundry room?

1. Look at that washer and dryer. I have a unhealthy affection for those. However, they're a little beyond our budget right now. I need to keep saving my pennies.

2. Moving past the washer and dryer. I LOVE those jars on the counter. We don't use powder laundry detergent, but I'm considering buying some just to set out in a jar. Is that ridiculous? And the adorable!

3. I would love to have enough room for a little folding area. This picnic table is very cute, but we don't have nearly enough room!

4. I also love how light and airy this room looks.

Photo courtesy of: A Scrapbook of Me

This is a bit of a different look. Not as light and airy, but VERY cute! Here's what I love about this:

1. That sink is awesome. I love the pop of color with the painted legs. And the faucet in the wall....very attractive!

2. I like the beadboard. We're planning to have beadboard in the bathroom and maybe a few other places in the house, so we'll probably skip on the laundry room.

3. I love letters and monograms used for decorating. This could be another way to bring in a pop of color.

Photo courtesy of: Torie Jane

Ok, this isn't a picture of a laundry room, but how adorable is this!?! I want one. It would look so cute on a little shelf in the laundry room. Plus, having all my housekeeping supplies organized in a cute little bucket like that might inspire me to do a better job with the housekeeping...maybe.

Photo courtesy of:

1. I love baskets. I really like for things to be organized and what better way than with cute baskets!

2. Two words: washer. dryer.

3. I like the bright paint choice. We're going to do a cheery yellow color in ours.

4. Cabinets above the washer and dryer. Storage is always useful.

Photo courtesy of: Centsational Girl

1. I love that chandelier! It just makes the room fun and whimsical!

2. We have one window in the laundry room and I'm hoping to make a cute little curtain for it. I like this style. I want fabric with a little pattern to it.

3. The rug really anchors the whole room. It adds an extra layer and pop of color to the room.

Ok...let's snap back to reality. It's fun to dream and plan! Do you have dreams for a laundry room? Share your ideas and thoughts!

Stay tuned for pictures of how our laundry room remodel actually turns out!

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