Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Sept. 20

I finally got around to making homemade granola. It turned out pretty well, except I baked it a little too long. Every few bites has a bit of a burnt taste! Otherwise, it wasn't too hard and I like the way it tastes. It made the house smell delightful as it was baking!

It's nearing time to go grocery shopping again, so this week we're going to be scrounging around and using what we have.

Breakfast and lunch won't be anything special this week. Cereal, toast, fruit, oatmeal, bacon for breakfast. Sandwiches, left overs, and soup for lunches.

Supper -
Monday: Crock pot chicken and dumplings

Pork spare ribs (didn't make last week, so carrying over), mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas

Chili dogs, macaroni and cheese, vegetable


Friday: BBQ Chicken, grilled potatoes, spinach

Saturday: To be decided

Sunday: Frozen pizza or sandwiches

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