Monday, November 01, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Nov. 1

Yay! It's November!!! I can't believe how fast October passed by, but I'm thankful to be in the season of thanksgiving.

Reviews from last week:

The meatball recipe I used was really good. As always, I changed it up a bit. I only made half the recipe. I also added jalapenos and onion. They turned out pretty good. I served them over rice with some white gravy. They would also be good in spaghetti sauce.

The Mexican Corn and Bean Chicken recipe was also good. Because I don't know how to follow a recipe, I ended up adding too much liquid (salsa and water), so it was kind of soupy. It turned out OK, because I made pinto beans to go with it. We ended up adding a big pot of beans to the chicken and had it as soup. With some crushed tortillas and shredded cheese....delicious!

The Italian Stuffed Shells were also very good. It was a bit labor-intensive, but good. I made one dish for supper that night and put a dish in the freezer. I loved the combination of the sausage and spinach together. I did add some cream cheese to the egg/cheese mixture to make it a little creamier.

This week:

It's "Scrounge Week," meaning I need to go grocery shopping. So in the meantime, we will scrounge up the remaining items in the pantry and freezer to make decent meals. Not my favorite thing to do, but we'll manage.

Monday: Chicken pot pie

Tuesday: Breakfast Ring (with bacon)

Wednesday: Good Earth Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta (I haven't tried to Good Earth brand of boxed meals before, but I got this one on sale. We don't do a lot of boxed meals, but I'm excited to try this!)

Thursday: Soup and sandwiches

Friday: Herbed Quinoa

Saturday: I'll have to figure this out after I (hopefully) go grocery shopping this week.

Sunday: Lunch at church - -Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That breakfast Ring sounds delish! I think I'll have to give it a try sometime soon.

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