Friday, May 17, 2013

6 Weeks


Wednesday marked 6 weeks with our sweet Evelyn. She's getting so big and growing too fast! We're loving the changes she's making each day, the smiles, learning to "talk", and getting more into a routine.

I am starting to loosely see a little bit of a routine to our day. Evelyn isn't a big sleeper during the day. She prefers to take little 30 minute cat naps and generally one longer nap in the afternoon/early evening. She does pretty well at night. She's usually asleep around 10:30-11 and sleeps until around 3. Then she's up for an hour or two and goes back to sleep until 7.

We're very much nursing on demand, which is completely fine by me. She sometimes goes 30 minutes between feedings, sometimes three hours. Generally, I can count on about 2 hours. As you can tell by her pictures, she's a big eater! :)

Evelyn loves going on our morning walks with Sarah and Harlow. She is usually asleep by the end of our street and sleeps the whole time. She also likes being in the Moby wrap as I do household tasks or do the grocery shopping. She will stay awake and look around for a while, but then usually falls asleep. She  likes sitting in her bouncer (that doesn't bounce because I keep forgetting to put batteries in it), on the play mat, or in her rock in play for about 10 minutes at a time. The girl gets bored easily and likes a lot of variety. I'm afraid she might have her Daddy's ADD tendencies.

Some of her favorite things to do (besides eating) are bath time, laying on her changing table, looking at the ceiling fan, being outside, and being swaddled. She also loves being sung to. I seriously need to learn the words to more hymns. I currently sing "How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds," "Child of Grace," and "Just the Same Today" about 20 times a day. They're the only hymns I know all the words to. It's funny because in church I can sing most hymns without looking at the words. But when I try to sing them by myself, my mind goes completely blank.

Evelyn HATES tummy time! She also doesn't care for getting dressed after her bath. 

I'm feeling really good and pretty much back to normal. I'm  back to walking 3.5-4 miles most days and will soon be adding some more exercises to do at home to tone up and drop the baby weight. I'm usually wiped out by about 8:00 each night. We've gotten in the habit of getting ready for bed early and spending most of the evening in bed watching TV and snuggling. I love it!


Michele said...

6 weeks already!! WOW!! Evelyn is beautiful!!!! Her Mommy also got bored easily and LOVED to be held up in a position where she could look all around and never still.You also did not sleep much. She is taking after both of her wonderful parents in so many ways. Evelyn has a beautiful smile.
Love you all!!!!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Aww she is so beautiful and looks just like you! Can't believe how fast she is changing! sniff sniff