Wednesday, July 03, 2013

3 Months


Weight: 14 lbs, 10 1/2 oz
Height: 24 1/4 inches

You are three months old today and even more precious than you were a month ago. I love watching you grow and become more aware of your surroundings every day. You are a curious little thing and I have no doubt you are soaking up everything around you.

This has been a big month for you with lots of "firsts." You took your first airplane ride this month and loved it. I was so proud of how well you did during the flight. We took the plane ride to Mississippi so you could meet your Great Grandpa Lester (Papaw) and Great Grandma Kate. They loved you and spoiled you while we were visiting. Papaw especially loved to hold you and play with you first thing in the morning. He would spend an hour or so every morning with you. You gave him big smiles and talked to him. Papaw just loved that.

While we were in Mississippi, you also got to meet your Uncle Isaac, Aunt Heather, and Cousin Lily for the first time. You enjoyed watching your big cousin, Lily, run around and play. You also met your Great Aunt Daphnea, Great Aunt Kimberly, and Mama's cousins. You spent the week getting kissed on and held by everyone. You did so well with it all and only complained a few times.

This month was one for meeting family! You also got to meet your Grandi and cousin Katelynn. They were so in love with you and couldn't get enough of your smiles. You really took to Katelynn and loved to watch her and smile at her. We took Grandi and Katelynn to Disney World. You were like an old pro since this was your third visit.

You also went swimming for the first time this month. Bath time is still one of your very favorite activities, so I wondered how you would do in the pool. You looked super adorable in your pink bathing suit. The water was quite a bit cooler than your bath water and it took your breath away at first. You didn't really kick and splash like I expected you too, but you didn't fuss either.

Tummy time has gotten a lot better this month! Since we found out that you have torticollis last month and have been doing daily stretches for your neck, you are able to tolerate tummy time a lot better. You start out on the floor and do about 5 minutes before you start fussing. Then I put the boppy under you and you are fairly content for another 10-15 minutes. We do this at least twice a day. You like it most if me or Daddy lay on the floor with you and talk to you. You also love your Dancing Ant toy Aunt Heather bought you.

You have started showing more interest in books this month. We tried out your Bumbo seat for the first time and you enjoyed that. I read you several books while you were sitting in it and you stayed interested through about 3 books. I enjoy reading to you and look forward to spending many more hours teaching you to love reading.

In the past week, you have just started becoming interested in your feet more. You love to grab onto your toes and hold your foot in the air. You have also been chewing on your hands and slobbering a ton, so I expect to see teeth popping up in the next month.

My darling daughter, you are very much a joy and blessing to us. I will never get tired of seeing your big gummy smiles first thing in the morning or when your Daddy gets home. Oh do you love your Daddy! The two of you have such a sweet relationship and I can't wait to see it grow.

I love you and can't wait to see what the next month brings!


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Mom said...

Oh my! She is changing so much and so fast!!!! Evelyn is so beautiful!! We love her very much! Love, Mum and Pop