Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Why I Love ALDI

I know I've shared my love for ALDI here on the blog before, but I just have to sing their praise today. There has been a coupon floating around Facebook for $10 off a $40 purchase at ALDI. When I first saw it, I was bummed that it was marked only for use in a few northern states. I also thought it was odd, because I had heard that ALDI does not accept coupons. Well, late last week, I saw the coupon again. This time it was marked "accepted at ALL ALDI locations." I printed it off and thought I would give it a shot when I next did my grocery shopping.

That brings us to yesterday. I had my list and my coupon in hand as I headed to the store. I carefully added up my purchases in my head to be sure I would hit the $40 mark (which I knew I probably would). When I got up to the check out, my heart was racing. "What if they don't take it?" "What if there is some question about it? "Will I be bold enough to push it or will I just move on?"

Sure enough, I presented the coupon and the checker didn't know what to do with it. She called out the manager who told me they weren't taking the coupon. I questioned him, since it clearly says, "accepted at ALL ALDI locations." He explained that it was a problem they were informed about in which someone got ahold of the original coupon (only accepted in the northern states) and doctored it and was publishing it. I was bummed, but also understood. He asked to make a copy of the coupon to use for reference, but I just let him keep it since I wouldn't be needing it.

Well, as I was loading up my groceries in the car and returning my cart, I hear someone shouting "Ma'am, ma'am" and see the manager waving toward me. I go up to the door and he tells me that he is going to accept my coupon after all. He brought me in and gave me $10 back. He kept apologizing to me, but I kept telling him he didn't need to apologize. I was thankful for him wanting to please his costumer. I am a faithful shopper and tell everyone I know how much I love that store. I will continue to make my Monday afternoon appearance with gladness.

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Dani said...

I wish we had one nearby, our closest grocery store is just more than a 30 min drive, and it's still another 30 mins to civilization. I really miss shopping at Winn Dixie too, they always had such good deals.