Friday, March 27, 2015

Updates and Baby Number Two

 It's been brought to my attention by a couple of faithful readers that I've been negligent in my posting responsibilities. I do apologize. Life has been busy the past six months! Let me try to update you quickly...

After our car accident in August, Evelyn had a spica cast from her chest to her ankles for six weeks. She did so well during that time. I was thankful for my mom being able to be here to help out and mainly keep Evelyn entertained. Thanks be to God, she doesn't have any lasting difficulties from the break. She started walking the afternoon after her cast was removed and was back to 100% in two weeks.

During the time that Evelyn was in her cast, I started babysitting a little guy from church. He's now almost 10 months old. Evelyn loves having him here and playing with him. It has given me a good look into life with two kids. Some days are quite interesting!

We drove to Illinois for Thanksgiving. It was great to be with my family. Evelyn did very well on the LONG drive. Just a few weeks later, we drove to Mississippi and on to Texas for Christmas. Again, Evelyn was an amazing traveler. It was fun to be with Chris' family for Christmas and also be able to spend time with my grandparents in Mississippi.

Merry Christmas!

2015 has been a whirlwind so far. In addition to still babysitting, we've started the process of finding a home to buy. We've been renting since we moved to Florida and we're ready to find a place of our own. The house shopping process isn't really something I enjoy. I'm not good at making decisions,  especially when there are a lot of options. We currently have an offer in on a short sale house, so we're waiting patiently for word from the bank.

Evelyn is growing and learning faster than I can process. She will be 2 next week! She is very excited for her birthday and likes to tell everyone "I'm going to be 2. On April Terd. I have chocate cakes." She keeps us on our toes, keeps us laughing, and makes me just shake my head sometimes. I do believe she is a perfect combination of Chris and me.

The biggest news is we're expecting Baby Number 2 in August! We found out just before Christmas and had a lot of fun sharing the news with our family over Christmas. Evelyn is excited to be a big sister (well as much as she can process). We found out last week that Baby is a GIRL!!! Chris and I were both shocked to find out, but that's what Evelyn was asking for.

I'm currently 19 weeks and feeling pretty good. This pregnancy has been completely different, for so many reasons. Obviously, I have so much more going on in life than when I was pregnant with Evelyn. I'm not completely absorbed in the pregnancy. Honestly, I forgot I was pregnant for the first several weeks. The first trimester was pretty typical...extremely tired, a few weeks of all-day nausea, and noticing little changes in my body. The second trimester has brought a relief from the nausea, but the exhaustion continues. I have a new appreciation for my bed and bedtime.

I'm not promising weekly pregnancy updates like I did with Evelyn, but I will try to do better!


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Elizabeth said...

Ahh!!! Another GIRL!! So excited for y'all! I hope you find store of energy as you get into your twenties (weeks). Evelyn seems like she's making great sentences; it's kind of a mixed blessing to have them talking so much at this age.
Thanks for the update. Hope the house hunt goes smoothly!