Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In a Poetry Mood

This is the result of several hours of boring lecture today...

A Season of Change

Falling, falling down,
Cast upon the ground’
Orange, red, yellow, brown
Strewn out all around.

A leaf, an acorn
Crunch beneath my feet’
The path is well worn,
Steps without a beat

An end, a transition,
a beginning, new birth;
Life ends and life begins.
A time of change has come.

A spiritual change,
A new man put on;
Fall down at His feet,
Follow His teaching.

His path I trod daily,
Diligently striving.
May His will by my own,
And never more wander.


Light to Guide

Waves of doubt,
Covering, blinding, misleading.
Don’t know where to go,
Can’t see the road ahead.

My heart is weak,
As a fatigued child;
Worn from the world,
Tugging and tearing.

A glimmer of hope,
A ray of light;
Light to guide my way,
A way of hope and trust.

His hand brushes mine,
I clasp on tightly;
He leads the way,
Down the road unseen.


Holy One

Rejoice, rejoice;
Praises aloud;
Lift up your voice,
Join with the crowd.

He is worthy
Perfect, complete
High above all,
None cam compare.

I worship you,
I praise your name.
Refreshed anew,
Never the same.

Come Holy Rain,
Pour out your love,
Down upon me,
My soul washed clean.

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strem said...

More! More! (But, maybe not from class boredom.)