Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pictures of Folklore Village

Michelle recently posted a blog about our weekend in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, where we attended a Sacred Harp Singing at the Folklore Village. I agree with what Michelle had to say about the weekend...the singing, the people, and Folklore Village. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place with wonderful scenery.

I don't have any pictures from the actual singing, but I have these of Plum Grove Church, Farwell Hall, and the snow-covered trees. The pictures don't do justice to how beautiful that part of Wisconsin is.

The front of Plum Grove Church

The church was built in 1882, and moved to its current location in 1993.

This is a view of Farwell Hall as we're climbing up the hill.

A view of the scenery - - there were numerous pine trees covered with snow - - very picturesque.

One last picture looking over the rolling hills. You can see Farwell Hall to the right and an old silo to the left.


Anonymous said...

It was quite picturesque, wasn't it? What a wonderful time it was to be with all of you, and to sing praises unto God! I can't wait for the next trip!!!

Sandy-san said...

Me, too! Great pictures, Sister Lydia!

strem said...

Wonderful photos. Brings back memories of the good trip and beautiful harmonies we shared over the weekend. I'll direct folks over here to see these. (I really need to get a digital camera of my very own!)

Dani said...

The last one is really awesome. You've got a good eye.