Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to School

Today I'm going to do a combination of Strem's post and Liz's post.

As most of you know, school is back in session for those of us here in southern Illinois. Yesterday I began my junior year, diving head-first into the Special Education program. I am now taking all special ed. classes. Well, I do have one Speech Pathology class, but it's part of the special ed. program. The School of Education created a new special ed. program that is in it's first year. Part of this new program is an improved practicum curriculum that has us going into the classroom earlier. So, I get to start observing and helping in a primary class on Thursday. The exciting thing is that I have been placed in the elementary school where I went to school. I'm very excited!

Since Strem's post, "I'm Most Me When..." reminded me of something that might be done on the first day of school, I have decided to make my own list. I borrowed a few ideas from Strem. And, these are in no particular order.

I am most me when...
*I am reading a good book
*I am cooking or baking something for my friends or family
*I am sewing something new to wear
*I pray and read my Bible before I fall asleep
*I sleep in my own bed with new, crisp sheets
*I am playing with children
*I am holding a baby
*I drive with my windows down in the spring or fall
*I take a walk by myself
*I have a good heart-to-heart conversation with a friend
*I am alone in the quietness of my room
*I am worshipping in church
*I am helping someone in need
*I laugh so hard that I start crying
*I talk to my Grandpa about our ancestors
*I make up silly songs about anything and everything
*I write a note or send a card to someone I care about
*I visit with an older person about their past experiences
*I eat ice cream


Dani said...

I like your list too!

strem said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I can't wait to hear about more of your experiences with your primary class.

Elizabeth said...

I like your List!

Sandy-san said...

Very nice, Lydia. These do sound like you, too!