Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's almost 9:00 AM and I'm the only one up in the house. Well, except the dog. I think Chris is awake, just not up and moving yet.

I've been faced with the same decision since 6:45 this morning: try to lay back down for a while or be productive. You see, Grandma was up every couple of hours from midnight on, adamant that she had slept "all day and all night." Finally, at 6:45, I gave up and decided to start the day. I go into her room to get her up, she wants the baby in bed with her, I tell her there isn't a baby, we argue about it, she's not sure she wants to get up. I go into the kitchen to get a drink, she falls back asleep. I lay down in the guest room, hear her talking as I'm about to fall back asleep, go check on her only to realize she's talking in her sleep. At that point, I make the decision to start my day. She has continued to sleep through me gathering the trash and carrying it out, running the blender to make my smoothie, noises in the kitchen (which is right next to her room), and the phone ringing. I keep thinking I would like to lay back down for a few minutes, but I know she'll wake up as soon as I do. So, I'm enjoying the quiet time to myself. I do appreciate quiet mornings, but I also appreciate my sleep! ::sigh::

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His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I think you have earned a nap for sure! Bro. Chris can take grandma out for a while and let you rest!