Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Window Turned into Idea Board

My parents remodeled their living room and dining room a few years back and gave me one of the old windows they replaced. I had them hanging in living room in our house in Illinois. We also had one hanging in our living room in our house in Texas.

Windows hanging in living room in Illinios

When we moved into this house, we put one of the windows in our guest bedroom.

Window in guest bedroom with scrapbook paper  
Before: Empty window hanging in my craft room
I also wanted one in my craft room. I had trouble deciding what I wanted to do with it. I thought I might find some pretty fabric to hang behind it or maybe blow up a picture. It just stayed blank for several months. Then a few weeks ago, I had several ideas floating around in my brain and needed somewhere to write them down where they could be seen. I grabbed a dry erase marker and wrote on the window. The idea hit me to find some scrapbook paper to match my colors, but that would also be light enough to still see the writing, and make the window an idea board.

After: Pretty scrapbook paper behind the glass and dry erase marker to write on the glass
I found the paper at JoAnn and Hobby Lobby. I love how it turned out! Now I have plenty of room to keep my lists and it's pretty!

After: Window turned into idea board

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