Tuesday, June 05, 2012

One of those days

I'm having one of those days where my brain isn't quite firing correctly. Some people might be convinced every day is one of those days for me, but I object. They just seem to happen to me more often than other folks.

In the 4 hours that I was out running errands today the following things occurred:
  • Tried to use library card at the ATM
  • Forgot my headphones and armband to workout at the gym (an hour workout with no music is PAINFUL!!!)
  • Forgot to bring a post workout snack
  • Realize I forgot my purse at home. Thankfully, I grabbed my wallet, but not my purse. I struggled through Walmart as I tried to juggle my wallet (which refused to stay closed), keys, phone, and shopping list. Of course, today would be the day I chose to wear a skirt, thus no pockets. 
  • Got incredibly distracted  by every odd thing I saw in Walmart. It's Walmart, so that's A LOT of distractions! One of the most interesting sites which caused a great deal of pondering was the guy I saw with 5 potatoes in his cart, not in one of the little plastic bags. Just sitting in his cart. 
  • Dropped my phone in the parking lot as I was trying to juggle getting everything loaded in the car. Cracked the screen. Awesome.
  • Chugged a bottle of chocolate milk and a package of almonds. Then wanted to puke after realizing I consumed more calories than I just worked off at the gym. 
  • Go to Aldi where I'm so flustered I forget several things on my list. 
  • Nearly back into someone backing out of my parking space at the library. 
I think I should go to bed and try again tomorrow. Let's all pray no one gets seriously injured throughout the rest of the evening. Amen. 


Kelly Spezzano said...

Just wait until you have "mommy mind" it gets worse! (I say this from experience!) :)

Liz said...
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Liz said...

If it makes you feel better...two days ago I was loading the dishwasher, then mid loading the dishwasher, I forgot what I was doing an started UNLOADING it. I realized some of the dishes were dirty and started investigating why things were so dirty. DUH!! It was so weird!!

Elizabeth said...

Aww, we ALL have those days. Hope tomorrow is less chaotic.

Oh, and Aldi - it really can be frustrating and easy to forget things, if you're not used to it.

lydia said...

Kelly - - I can't even imagine what it will be like if I get pregnant! I'm already so forgetful and clumsy now!

Liz -- Now that is strange! I think if I would have done something like that, I would have just given up on the day.