Monday, January 28, 2013

32 Weeks

We're down to less than 2 months until our due date! Of course, I'm trying to keep in my mind that Little Miss could actually be an April baby. I am so thankful this pregnancy has been so smooth this far. I was telling someone the other day that I don't feel like I'm 7 months pregnant. I was feeling winded after doings something a few days ago and couldn't figure out why. Later that evening Little Miss kicked me pretty high up and I realized that she is now squishing my lungs more, thus feeling winded. It just hadn't occurred to me that we're at that point in the pregnancy. I kept thinking "such and such will happen later." Well, here we are at "later."

I am loving how the nursery is coming along. I'm not stressing about getting it done too quickly, mainly because I have other things to take care of. But I also don't want to just be sitting around in the last few weeks, which are probably going to be the longest anyway, waiting for her to come. I probably won't post any more pictures of the nursery until I can do a whole nursery reveal post! :)


Michele said...

You look so beautiful!!! I am glad that you are feeling so well! Can't wait for the nursery reveal. Love you!

Amanda said...

You look great! And I LOL’d at the part where you got winded and couldn’t figure out why till later :)