Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade Dog Food

Wesley has some reoccurring skin issues. It first happened last year shortly after we moved to Florida. After being on and off steriod treatments for a while, the vet suggested we switch him to a grain-free food. We made the switch and it seemed to help. But the past couple of weeks he's started itching again and chewing himself raw. I'm sure it's an allergy to something growing this time of year, since this is around the same time it happened last year. Maybe he's just trying to be like me with my allergies going CRAZY!

Anyway, when we were visiting my family at Christmas, my aunt suggested I try making Wesley's food. I did a little research and thought it sounded reasonable. I made the first batch yesterday and it was really easy. Wesley has had 2 servings and he loves it! I think he licked his bowl for 10 minutes after he finished eating last night.

It took me around an hour to make the food, let it cool, and package it up. I was able to make 8 1/2 days of food for around $5. It's not a huge savings from buying his special dry food, but hopefully it will make a difference with his skin condition.

This batch included: 1 lb ground beef, 12 oz pkg. frozen mixed vegetables, half pkg frozen spinach, 1 apple, 2 eggs, 2 carrots, and 2 sweet potatoes, and some olive oil.
It made enough for 8 1/2 days of food. Because the food doesn't contain any fillers like dry dog food, he doesn't need to eat as much.

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Dani said...

I'm planning to swap Kita over to home made food. I had talked with Sis. Kate Richardson about how she does it. We've got some deer sausage that we are planning to use, which should make the cost almost nothing.