Sunday, February 24, 2013

36 Weeks

We're less than one month away from our due date. I keep telling myself that the most we will have to wait to hold our little girl is 6 weeks! That's not long to wait! I'm continuing to live by little dates to help pass the's appointments, lunch dates, church meetings, family coming, Duck Dynasty season premier...every day gets us that much closer to our life changing. My plan is to stay busy and active until the day she decides to make her arrival. 

My goals for this week:
  • Get freezers cleaned out
  • Start some freezer cooking
  • Wash up her sheets, blankets, towels, etc.
  • Get her closet more organized and shower gifts put away


Dani said...

You're looking great! Almost there.

Amanda said...

No!! Don’t stay busy!! Pick a spot and don’t move for the next 4 weeks. This will be the last 4 weeks of your life where you can sit down and not have to get up until you want to, lol!!! Just kidding!! Well, sort of :) Hope the time passes quickly for you so you will be happy, happy, happy!!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

LOL Amanda! That is so true. It's definitely a battle between the need to get things done and the need to rest up! Praying for a speedy 6 weeks or less for you!!!