Saturday, April 06, 2013

Evelyn Ravinell

Introducing our daughter,
Evelyn Ravinell
April 3, 2013
1:16 AM
7 lbs 14oz
20 1/2 inches

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful birth. After going 10 days past our due date and being dilated 4+ cm for several weeks, I was admitted Tuesday evening to start a very low dose of pitocin. I had an appointment earlier that day and discussed the plan with my doctor. We agreed that we would start the pitocin with hopes that my body would respond well and we could eventually turn it off or break my water so I could continue with my plans for a natural birth. My doctor did warn us that it could take 5-6 hours for my contractions to start getting into a regular pattern before all that could happen. I was hopeful and prayerful that wouldn't be the case. 

We picked up my dad at the airport, grabbed supper at McDonalds and arrived at the hospital at 7:30 pm Tuesday. After all the paperwork was complete, the pitocin drip was started around 9:00 pm. Several of our church family gathered in the hospital waiting room to share the special time with us. The ladies took turns coming back to my room to visit and keep me distracted. My nurse came in about every 20 minutes to check if my contractions were getting stronger. I could feel them getting stronger, but I wasn't feeling any pain with them. Each time she came in she would increase the pitocin just a little bit. Around 11:00 I started getting panicked because I wasn't feeling any pain with the contractions. I knew that my contractions had to pick up quite a bit in order for the doctor to make the decision to break my water or turn off the pitocin. Finally around 11:45, I had a contraction that was a little more painful. They were coming on quicker and a little stronger. More than pain, I just felt very uncomfortable from the pressure. Around 12:10, the pressure was incredibly uncomfortable and I started to feel an urge to push. I thought it was ridiculous, because I knew there was no way I was anywhere close to being ready to push. My water broke on its own around 12:30 am. The nurse checked me and I was at 9 cm. From there, everything was such a whirlwind. She was on the phone with my doctor, more nurses were coming in, and equipment was being put out. At some point my doctor came in, checked me, and told the nurse she needed to gown up in a hurry. Next thing I know she is telling me I can push with the next contraction. From what Chris tells me, I pushed for about 20 minutes. It sure felt like a lot longer than that and at one point I said, "I'm done with this!" Our beautiful Evelyn was born at 1:16 am. 

Evelyn is a name I have always loved and Chris grew to love. Ravinell was Chris' great-grandmother's name. She was such an influential person in Chris' life growing up and in mine for the past 5 years. While there were often struggles, taking care of her in our home was such a blessing. When we found out we were expecting, we both had hopes that she would be able to meet her great great grandchild.  Her passing in January was bittersweet for so many reasons, one being that she would never get to meet the one who would carry her name. She was a wonderful servant of God and we hope that Evelyn will live to match her character. We will certainly share our many treasured memories of Grandma with Evelyn. 

We are so madly in love and just soaking up each moment. Chris was wonderful during the delivery and has been such an amazing support. He is a great Daddy and Evelyn sure does love him! 


Brittany said...

I have been checking daily for updates. I was so glad to see your post today!

Evelyn is just beautiful! I'm glad everything went well with your delivery. I will continue praying for you!

Elizabeth said...

So thankful the pitocin wasn't a bad experience! So thankful your sweet baby is here. She and Adele's birth weight and length were very similar. :) only two oz and a quarter inch different.
Hope the nursing is going well. The first few days can be tough. Persevere!
Love you!

Dani said...

So, glad that you were blessed with a quick labor and so excited that I got to see her before heading home. Love the name, and of course I love her hair. haha. Just so happy for you and Bro. Chris.

Christina T said...

Lydia & Chris -

She's absolutely beautiful. I'm so very excited for you both. You will truly be wonderful, amazing parents.

She has a beautiful name, and I just know that CD and Ravinell are looking down on you all from heaven with the biggest smiles on their faces.

I miss you guys!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

What a beautiful sweet baby girl! So happy for you and Bro. Chris and so very thankful that your delivery went so well. Love you and your sweet family!