Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Talk

A few random thoughts on this lovely Tuesday...

I'm feeling rather productive so far this week. Yesterday I managed to do 4 loads of laundry (all folded and put away too!), run and unload the dishwasher, change the sheets on our bed, make supper, clean up the supper dishes, and work on catching up on my Bible reading. So far today I've made the bed, changed the sheets on the guest beds, washed 2 loads of laundry, sewed my homemade Moby wrap, and worked on catching up on Bible reading.
Trying out our homemade Moby wrap
Speaking of the Moby wrap...I had been nervous about sewing the knit material for the wrap, which is mainly why I didn't have it done yet. I bought the material months ago, but couldn't work up the nerve to attempt it. I put my big girl pants on today and got it done! You know what? It wasn't that hard! So far I like using the wrap and Evelyn fell asleep in it in about 3 minutes.

Our sweet Evelyn is growing like a weed! Her newborn clothes are starting to get too tight over her head. I tried a 0-3 month onesie this morning just to see how it fit and it actually fit pretty well! It's exciting to get to the new size and put all the new, cute clothes on her, but she's growing too fast!
Evelyn and Aunt Tasha
My sister and her boyfriend came for a visit last week. We really enjoyed having them and Evelyn loved snuggling with Aunt Tasha!

Evelyn's first trip to Disney
Tasha and Brad wanted to spend a day at Disney while they were here. We debated for days whether we should attempt to take Evelyn or if it was too much. She slept well the night before and was having a good morning, so we decided we would try it. I was prepared to call it quits and come home at any point.  One of the things I love about Disney is that they have these nice baby care centers at each park. It's an air conditioned building with a room for nursing, changing tables, bathrooms, a play room for older kids, and baby items to purchase. Evelyn and I spent a lot of time in there. We did ride one ride, walked around some, and ate good food (the most important thing), but I did spend a lot of time in those air conditioned baby centers! 5 nursing sessions, 10+ diaper changes, 2 changes of clothes, and one lost pacifier later, we survived our first trip to Disney! Evelyn did really well, but we were all worn out by the end of the day!

There's something adorable about a baby with a pacifier
Evelyn wore this dress to church on Sunday. She also wore it her first Sunday to church at 5 days old. It's amazing how much she's grown in just a few weeks!
Kinley was so excited to hold "Baby Ed-a-lyn" at church on Sunday


Christina T said...

Lydia –

She’s stunning, but she’s growing way too fast. I love all of your blog updates about her. It’s lovely to see how things are going for you and your beautiful little family. I continue to be so thankful that God blessed Chris and you as her parents.

You’ve always been such a huge inspiration to me. You are a woman full of dignity and grace, and I only hope that someday soon I’ll be the mother you are to Evelyn. She’s one lucky baby girl.
I hope you are all doing well.


Elizabeth said...

You make me smile. :)
We have those pacis too.
I've been putting Adele in 3month clothes the last few days, but only because they happen to be cuter than the 0-3 size which still fits fine.
Your moby looks great!

Michele said...

Evelyn is growing so fast! I love the way she is looking at her Aunt Tasha. Her hair seems to be getting longer. She is so beautiful!! I'm glad you were able to take Evelyn to Disney and enjoy the day. I love you all!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

So glad Aunt Tasha got to come for a visit! I'm super impressed with your adventure to Disney! Those baby care centers are amazing! :)

Dani said...

I love the picture of her in front of the Epcot Ball.