Friday, April 04, 2014

One Year

Our Sweet Evelyn,

Today is the day. You are one year old today! It's exciting, unbelievable, and amazing that we've already been through one year with you in our lives. I have had a lot of mixed feelings as we've approached today, which I think is to be expected. I did have a little cry last night as I watched you sleep. They were tears of joy, fear, and love. I get the most emotional thinking about all the memories through the year and knowing that I can't remember everything.

This has been a huge month for you! Most importantly, you have become an expert walker. At 11 months, you were just taking a few steps here and there. Less than a week after you turned 11 months, you just took off walking. You are now walking everywhere and often trying to run. You look so cute toddling around. You love to hold our hand and walk on your own. Thankfully, you still like to be held and carried quite a bit too. I will be sad when that comes to an end.

Your vocabulary has also exploded this month. You jabber constantly, but you are beginning to have more intelligible words. A lot of what you say is mimicking us, but you do have quite a bit of words you say on your own with intention. You can say "Mama," "Dada," "no," "da" (dog), "go," "hi," "yum," "uh oh," "see" (Wesley), "nose," "fish," "moo," "boo"  and "night-night." You also say something that sounds like, "What's that?" while pointing at something.

We have been working on animal sounds a lot this month. You have an animal puzzle, a book, and a See and Say that you love. You know cow, rooster, and cat fairly consistently. You can repeat most of the sounds, but won't say them when asked. You like to carry the puzzle around the house and repeat the sounds as it makes them. We visited a farm in Asheville, NC last week and you loved seeing the animals. You loved watching the chickens, but you didn't want to pet anything.

We have also been working on body parts. You will point to your nose (or our nose) and say "nose" when asked. You can also point to your ear, belly, and feet about 50% of the time. This is a favorite activity in the bathtub. You also love for me to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and point at your body parts as we sing. I will tickle your neck and ear as we sing, which you think is the funniest thing! You also love to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It." You will clap along, stomp your feet, and grab your face as we sing.

This month has been full of a lot of traveling for us. You and I flew to Illinois in the middle of the month. You were an awesome traveler both there and back. Both times you fell asleep as we were taking off and woke up when we landed. I love that! You had a lot of fun playing with Mum and Pop. You also got to see Aunt Tasha, Uncle Isaac, Aunt Heather, Lily, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Jenn, Everett, and Great Grandpa and Grandma Corn. You tried to play with Lily, but she didn't want to play much. You loved Everett and sharing snacks with him! I am excited to go back next month for Aunt Tasha's wedding and see you play with your cousins.

We also traveled to Asheville, North Carolina this month. The drive there was 14 1/2 hours. I was so nervous the whole time, but you traveled great! I packed new and exciting toys, new snacks, and the iPad which kept you entertained. You had one screaming fit when you were overly tired, but refusing a nap. The trip home didn't take as long (11 1/2 hours), but you did great again!

You love to chase Wesley around the house and try to climb on him. Wesley isn't such a fan of that, but he tolerates it pretty well. You also love to throw balls and get them. Your favorite toy this month has been your baby doll. You love to kiss on her, give her hugs, and drag her around by her arm. It's the only toy you will get when we ask you, "Where's _____?" Peek-a-boo and hide and seek have continued to be favorite games. You have also learned to blow on your food when I say, "It's hot" and hold the phone up to your ear and jabber. It's amazing to watch you pick up on the little things we do. It makes me more aware of my actions.

You have gained a renewed interest in climbing in the past week. You have rediscovered climbing on our bathtub. You are constantly trying to hike your leg up and get footing on anything you can. You also love to climb on me when I lay on the floor to play with you. You have figured out how to use me as a ladder to climb up onto the couch, especially if the remote control or phone is up there.

More important than all these developmental milestones is the fact that you have continued to have an infectious personality. You smile all the time. You smile with your whole face and it makes everyone around you smile. You have also been making your "monkey face" as we call it. I never get tired of seeing it and it makes me laugh every time. You are sweet and easy to please. You have just started giving hugs. You will lean in, lay your head on my shoulder, pat my back, and say "awww." It melts my heart. Your mind is constantly working and I love to see you figure out your world.

I'm thankful for these past 365 days I have had to watch you grow and learn. It amazes me to think of all that you have learned in a year. You have learned more and gained more skills in this past year than you will in any other year of your life. I am thankful to be the one who gets to spend every day with you and see those changes happen. I wish memories could be recorded forever and stored away so they won't ever be forgotten. You are a beautiful gift and one of my greatest blessings. I'm excited for this next year and new memories that will be made.

I love you, baby girl!



Christina T said...

It's hard to believe your sweet baby girl is a YEAR old already! I love reading about her monthly milestones.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Michele said...

Happy first birthday sweet Evelyn!!
I was so blessed to see you shortly after you were born and I've been blessed to be with you many times this past year. Your smile is the best! I look forward to the next year and sharing in all the new things you learn.

I love you with all my heart!!!