Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Evelyn's First Birthday

We celebrated Evelyn's birthday as a family on Thursday night (her actual birthday) and had her party on Saturday.

We told her "happy birthday" all day Thursday and tried to make it extra special, even if she had no idea what was going on. Chris bought her a swing and installed it, so we spent some time outside playing on the new swing. She LOVES it! Now she has learned to go to the patio door when we ask, "Do you want to swing?"

We had some of her favorite foods for supper - chicken, peas, and potatoes - and a cake for her to smash. She loved the cake! Mum and Pop bought her a play kitchen. It arrived as we were eating supper, so Chris worked extra hard putting it together. She also got to open some presents from grandparents.

Saturday was her big birthday party! Chris' dad, mom, sister and niece were all able to be here for the party. We had some of her little friends from church and other church members who have been extra special in this first year of her life. Evelyn did great with all the commotion and took it like a champ. She enjoyed digging into her cake and opened presents as well as you can expect for a one year old.



Chris' Family

Evelyn and Grandi

Grandi with her granddaughters

Evelyn, Grandi Aunt Whitney, and Katelynn

Evelyn and her cousin, Katelynn

Grandpa Mike with his granddaughters

Evelyn and Grandpa Mike


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Christina T said...

Looks like Miss Evelyn had an amazing birthday. It's incredibly hard to believe that she's a year old already.