Friday, May 02, 2014


May is here! Here in Florida, that means the beginning of the hot, humid, and rainy season. Let the sweat pour!

May also means it's wedding month for my sister! Next week is the big day! We're headed up to Illinois on Monday to start the festivities. I can't wait!

I've made a challenge to myself for the month of May. I'm going to limit my time on my phone (mainly Facebook and Instagram) for only when Evelyn is asleep. I am so guilty of stopping in the middle of playing with her because I have a sudden impulse to check Facebook. That is ridiculous! So I'm trying to keep my phone close by so I can hear phone calls and text messages and have the camera ready, but not be so hooked that I am carrying it around everywhere. I need to be less attached and more focused on my daughter and responsibilities at home.

Speaking of Evelyn, she's going to be 13 months tomorrow! I'm not going to do monthly updates anymore, but I can't help track the months in my head. She is a growing, talking, and CLIMBING girl! She is learning new words every day. Some are just repeating what we're saying, but she is able to put meaning to a lot more words now. My favorite things she's saying right now are: "bash" (bath) "bird" "tank do"(thank you).

I'm working on a summer bucket list. Some of things on my list are fun - visit to the splash park, going to New York City, lots of time in the pool, picnic in the yard. Some things are necessities for my sanity - cleaning out and organizing all closets, cleaning the grout, cleaning and organizing toys, transitioning Evelyn to the crib/her own sleeping space. Some things are for my business - reach out to local businesses, at least one party a month, make more demonstration videos. Hopefully it will be a fun, productive, and profitable summer!

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Dani said...

And on that note, you should really link the business page to your blogspot, so that we can find it fast. :)