Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Guess what!?!

Once again, this is going to be a bunch of random thoughts. Kind of like my journal from the 4th grade my mom recently found. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it and reliving the exciting events of my 4th grade year. Look forward to that.

Guess what!??! (Apparently this is how I started most of my 4th grade entries, so we'll keep with that format.)

Guess what!?!? Evelyn finally had her 12 month well visit (only 2 months late, thank you Florida Blue). We went to a new pediatrician (again, thank you Florida Blue). Everything went pretty well. I was nervous about meeting the new doctor. I am not the average, go-with-the-flow parent, so there are always a lot of questions on my end. I would say I'm a little more than 50% satisfied with this new pediatrician. I'm learning to just let some things go in one ear and out the other.

Anyway, Evelyn is growing like a weed and doing just great. She is 21 pounds 13 oz (46%) and 31 3/4 inches tall (95%). I already knew she was pretty tall, considering she can now reach things on the edge of the kitchen counter and open the pantry door. It's always exciting to me to see the data.

Guess what!?!? Evelyn and I survived three days home by ourselves. I don't like it when Chris is gone, but it is often necessary in our lives. But, we kept ourselves busy with playing outside, reading books, going to Disney, shopping, and a Starbucks date. We also watched a little more TV than usual even though Evelyn has about 5 minutes of interest in the TV. I enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. :)

Guess what?!?! With Evelyn's expanding language skills, I've really been thinking about the process of teaching our children. Why is it that we (as a society) are so interested in our children making animal sounds? Who really cares what a cow says? I'm pretty sure Evelyn gets thoroughly annoyed when we ask her 5 times a day. And what about the animals that we don't how they sound? A turtle, for instance. How does a turtle sound? Or giraffe?

It's a big responsibility to be teaching a youngin'. I often think about what would happen if I taught her the wrong names for items or the wrong color names. How do we even know that blue is actually blue? How do we know that Adam actually named a giraffe a giraffe? Maybe we've been doing it wrong all these years.

Guess what?!?! That's all I have to say for now. Maybe I will have more deep and elegant thoughts in the future. Maybe


Dani said...

Yeah for a fellow rambler. Though You had a theme, I didn't. haha.

Thanks for letting us borrow, Bro. Chris over the weekend. Still wish he'd brought you along. Maybe another trip.

Britt wanted to add ants to Old MacDonald had a Farm the other day. I mean really, what sound do you make for ants?!? Rebecca just grins when we bring up animal sounds. I think she's laughing at the way we make them, and thinking, that she's totally not going to make a fool of herself that way. Oh and that brings back another random thought. When Ruth was doing speech therapy they wanted her to say oink and neigh instead of making a snorting and neighing noise, and she informed the lady that that was wrong. haha.

Elizabeth said...

Guess what? I thought you were going to say you were pregnant.