Monday, May 12, 2014

Lazy, Sunny, Florida Days

Days like today make me want to lay on the beach reading a good book and eating watermelon. It's beautiful, overcast, warm (almost hot), and I'm exhausted from a fun week of traveling. However, when such lazy days at the beach aren't possible with a little one. So instead, we've been enjoying a lazy day inside, I bought watermelon and a load of other fruit at the store, and we're planning an afternoon in the pool for the first time this year.

We had a great trip to Illinois. Evelyn did great on the flights and got way too much attention during the week. We took her to the St. Louis Zoo while we were there, which she loved! The monkeys, fish, and birds were the biggest hit.

My sister's wedding was beautiful and everything went great. It was fun to be with all the family, have all the grandkids together, and watch my sister glow. She was such a beautiful bride. I'll have pictures to post later in the week.

Now I need to dig out my bathing suit and get ready to jump in.

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