Monday, December 25, 2006

Sew Happy

I'm sew excited about the gift my family gave me for Christmas.... a Janome sewing machine! I've been wanting a sewing machine for quite a while. I can't wait to use my new machine. When I spent the week with my grandparents (a short review is on the way...), my grandma and I worked together to create a skirt. She taught me some valuable lessons. Thankfully, my grandmothers on both sides of the family are seamstresses, so I will have plenty of opportunities for special sewing days.

This year, my siblings and I decided to get a picture taken for our parents. It had been years since we had a picture made of the four of us. We got together over Thanksgiving break to have the picture taken, and managed to keep it a secret until today! Here's a picture of my parents opening their gift:

Here they are after they got over the initial shock and surprise:

I'm not sure what Tasha's laughing so hard about, I guess I missed it while I was taking the picture.

Here's a good shot of the picture. I am so thankful the picture turned out as great as it did. Our family is not keen on having their picture taken, so a picture this good is a rarity.

I hope the Lord has blessed each of you with an equally wonderful Christmas!


Anonymous said...

A new sewing machine! what a blessing. I have a crazy antique one that I can't figure out how to thread most of the time - so it sits in the corner. Oh I hope you get to make many beautiful things with such a wonderful gift!

By the way, you look a lot like your mom, I mean that as a complement - of course.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the creations you make with the new sewing machine! Hopefully, we can having some "sewing nights" together.

Love the picture, and I am glad I have a little copy! I will have to find a good place for it!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to place an order for three of those "felt" flannel skirts that you were wearing to church on Wednesday evening. When can I expect to pick those up??? (Seriously, your skirt was beautiful!)

lydia said...

Strem: There is a maximum of 1 skirt per person...sorry. I will make sure the skirt is "felt" before you pick it up. I wouldn't want to mess up the order.