Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Fiesta

There was a fiesta going on in the Corn household tonight...OK, well there wasn't any dancing, sombreros, or even a single Spanish word spoken (unless you count 'guacamole' and 'tortilla' pronounced the wrong way). No, our fiesta simply consisted of a Mexican menu for dinner. I was craving guacamole and black beans, so I went on a hunt for a good recipe that called for black beans. The result....

The menu consisted of:

*Chicken black bean tortillas
*Corn with tomatoes and chilies
*Lydia's Special Guacamole with tortilla chips (It's really only special because I make it...it's not a secret recipe.)

It was a delicious meal, if I may say so myself. I did get the chicken black bean mixture and the corn a little spicy, but it's good for your digestive system, right?



Chris said...

ARGH! I love Mexican food, and it all looks so tasty!!! Sorry that I missed this fiesta, can I come to the next one? ;-) And can it be soon??? ;-)

lydia said...

Sure, you can come over for the next one. We might require you to wear a sombrero. I'm sure it will be soon, as I also love Mexican food and crave it often.

strem said...

Sadly, I gave my sombrero away on freecycle. But, I'd be glad to wear almost anything you'd require to eat some Mexican food. We need to have a recipe swap soon.