Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finishing School

The other day I came across a blog that is hosting a very interesting blog series. (At least it's interesting to me, and I thought it might be interesting to some of the other lady readers.) Elizabeth over at A Merry Rose: Blooming as Keeper of My Home is hosting a series entitled Online Finishing School for Ladies. This post describes what this Finishing School is, but I will attempt to briefly describe it for you.

From what I understand, each week for twelve weeks a blogger will act as a "teacher" and post about various issues concerning womanhood. The "students" are encouraged to make comments about their thoughts on the subjects and other encouraging notes related to the subject.

The "school" started this past Monday with Emma from Charming the Birds from the Trees doing a series on posture, presentation, personal grooming, etc. The tentative schedule will be as follows:

Week I: June 25-30 Personal Presentation, Part I. posture, grooming, health, clothing care, etc.

Break: July 1-7 – Independence Day in America – We’ll give our teachers and readers a semi-break. However, we might do some posts about American customs/culture during this week.

Week II: July 8-14 Bastille Day in France -- How French culture has influenced decorating, fashion, cooking, etc. How to prepare a simple French meal. Why it was considered important for finishing school students to learn about other cultures and how that can still be useful in today’s world. Simple French phrases that you might come across when reading books in English.

Week III: July 15-21: Baking: A romantic cake. Tea goodies.

Week IV: July 22-28 – the culture of Central Asia, what we can learn from Central Asian women.

Week V: July 29-August-4 Creating a lovely needlework pillow.

Week VI: August 5-11 Flowers, flowers, and more flowers!.

Week VII: August 12-18 Correspondence and Etiquette – particularly modern etiquette: email, cell phones, etc.

Week : VIII August 19-25 The best things we can learn from various cultures, customs in European countries

Week IX August 26-Sept. 1 – How to sew a pretty handkerchief (or nightgown, we're still deciding), ribbon embroidery – a woman can choose to purchase something ready-made on which to do the ribbon embroidery.

Week X: September 2-8 -- How to set a pretty table for various occasions; the correct way to set a table for a casual lunch, a buffet, a dinner, a shower, etc.-

Week XI September 9-15 Another week on personal presentation, keeping our bedrooms pretty and organized

Week XII September 16-22 Gracious Living on a Budget

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons this first week and I'm looking forward to the remaining 12 weeks. I hope some of the other ladies will join me in class and maybe we can discuss the lessons together. A blog is supposed to be set up just for the purpose of the Finishing School, but I don't believe it has been done yet. You can find out the teachers for each week and the links to their blogs at A Merry Rose: Blooming as Keeper of My Home
. I will also try to post the link each week for those who are interested.

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strem said...

WOW! What a neat course. Thanks for pointing it out, Lydia.

My toes were stepped on quite a bit this week, but I cannot wait to see from the posts in the upcoming weeks! So much to learn and re-learn. We DEFINITELY need to discuss a few from this series so far.