Monday, May 09, 2011

Kitchen Renovation

We have a LONG list of house projects, which is to be expected when you live in an old house. Last Friday and Saturday, Chris decided to tackle the kitchen. The main purpose of the kitchen renovation was to put in a dishwasher! In order to put a dishwasher in, we also had to put in new cabinets, sink, and counter. We decided (or finances decided) that we would only do part of the kitchen for now. We're hoping to complete it in steps over the next few months.

Before pictures of the kitchen:
The kitchen is galley style. You can see part of the stove in the corner. The refrigerator and a small baker's cabinet is on that side as well.

Grandma built the cabinets by herself many, many years ago. They held up
fairly well, but it was definitely time for something new!

View from the other end of the kitchen.

Progress made after working on Friday:

Old stuff ripped out, tons of bugs killed, new cabinets, sink, and counter installed. Chris also had to run some new electrical.

Finished for now:

Do you see that dishwasher!?!?! It's wonderful!

We're going to paint the cabinets white once we have them all in. Up next is to get upper cabinets. Then we'll work on the other side of the kitchen.

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