Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Pictures

These are just some random pictures from my phone, which is why the quality isn't great. A glimpse into our exciting life!

My new mug from Target. I love drinking my hot tea from it every morning!

Wesley loves to burrow down into the covers. He stayed like this one morning while I did some work around the house. Every once in a while he would look up at me to see what I was doing, otherwise he was snoozing away.

A hilarious attempt to take a picture of my hair clip on Sunday. I was trying to send Tasha a picture, but I'm really bad at taking pictures of myself. Don't you love the face?

Chris was in the bedroom sleeping and Wesley really wanted in there with him. I was in the other room and heard him scratching at the door. When I came to look, I found him like this. It's hard to tell, but his nose is stuck in the crack under the door. He also waits outside the door when Chris is in the bathroom. Wesley sure does love him for some reason!

Grandma sits like this a lot of the time. No, she's not crying. Her nose is cold, so she sits with the handkerchief over her face and breathes in the warm air. It's quite funny.

I found this picture that I had taken a few weeks before Wilson passed away. They were so sweet together.

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Michele said...

I love the pictures! Your tea cup is really pretty. Wesley looks so cute cuddled under the covers.