Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Challenge #7

This week I'm challenging myself to 4 goals all wrapped up in one. Every day this week I will.....
  • Get up by 7:00 (hopefully 6:30, but we'll say 7 so I don't completely fail)
  • Exercise every day
  • Eat healthy (fresh fruits, vegetables, more water, less junk)
  • Take my vitamins
I realize these goals are probably routine for 99% of people in the world. Sometimes they are routine for me too. However, I've been in a bit of a funk the past few weeks and each of these is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Last week was especially bad. I was doing well to roll out of bed by 8:30, I only exercised one day, I ate a whole pan of brownies in 2 days, and I didn't take my vitamins. Not good.

I failed on one of the goals today by sleeping in until 8:00. But to my credit, I was trying to catch up from only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before. I did exercise, didn't have any sweets, drank tons of water, and took my vitamins. Perhaps I'll be successful this week.

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