Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Challenge #6 update

Every day this week I will...wear a hair accessory.

I have a box full of different kinds of headbands, flowers, clips, and other hair accessories sitting in my closet. So, this challenge is to help me get more use out of those things and also challenge me to actually do my hair. Maybe I will take pictures. Maybe not.

Today, I have a bandana folded up and wrapped around like a headband. I've been cleaning this morning and getting ready to head outside to do some yard work, so it fits well with my grungy look today! :)

Update: I managed to fix my hair and wear a hair accessory 3 days last week, but didn't manage to take any pictures. I wore the bandana/headband on Monday. On Thursday I wore a headband with a flower. I wore a ribbon/headband with a clip on Sunday. The clip is a tiny hat with feathers and a bow. It was my Easter hat and tribute to the Royal Wedding this week! :)

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