Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dried Herbs

Earlier in the summer, I blogged about my herb garden. As with most other vegetation in this part of the world, the ridiculous heat did a number on my herbs as the summer went on. About a month ago I gathered up what was left of my herbs that I hadn't used or hadn't been fried by the heat.

I did a little research as to the best way to dry them. I prepped the herbs by washing them and tying them in bundles. They needed a relatively cool, dry, and not dusty place to hang for a few weeks. Finding a place that matches all of those requirements is quite a task! I read somewhere that over the water heater is a good place to hang the herbs, so that's what I did.

Fresh herbs hanging over the water heater

They hung out for about 4 weeks and I finally got around to jarring them up this week. The smell as I was crushing them up and putting them into jars was yummy!

4 weeks later...dried, crispy, and very aromatic!

I bought the jars at Ross for $2.99 for the set! I used dry erase marker to write the name on the lid.

Thyme, sage, oregano, parsley

I now have dried thyme, sage, oregano, and parsley to enjoy through the winter!

Oops...broke the corner of the parsley jar!

Side note: As true to my typical form, I managed to break one of the jars in the process. No surprise there!

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His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

You are quite the handy housewife!