Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few for Friday

...I just got done using our pool for the first time! We bought a $13 inflatable chair at Wal-Mart today, which was an awesome investment! I laid on it and floated around the pool for quite a while. My feet and bottom of my legs were the only part of me that got wet. The chair even has a cup holder! I can see many days spent floating around in the pool, fruity drink with umbrella in hand, and not a care in the world. I might not get much housework done, but that can wait until rainy days. :)

...We are going to the beach tomorrow! I have been anxious to get to the beach since we moved here and especially since the weather has been so beautiful! Well, that's a bit redundant, because the weather has been beautiful since we moved here. As I just said, we took a trip to Wal-Mart today to stock up on our beach gear. I can't wait!

...I've started taking the dog for a short walk in the mornings. There is a golf course right behind the houses across the street from us. If we walk about 4 houses down, there is a nice open view of the course. I love listening to the birds, soaking in the warm sun, and watching the golfers on the bright green course as I wait for the dog to do his business. There's something peaceful and beautiful about a golf course and I don't play golf!

...I. LOVE. Florida! The weather has been amazing since we moved here in December. I'm told that I probably won't have such affectionate feelings for my new home once August hits, but we'll deal with that when the time comes. There are so many birds here! I'm sure I look like a crazy schoolgirl on a tour at the zoo with the way I stare in amazement at the different birds. I was sitting at Starbucks the other day and a little lizard came up next to me. I just sat there watching it for a while. We don't have lizards in Illinois, unless you go to the pet store or zoo.

...I love when I have a "brilliant" moment (it happens very rarely). I made breakfast for supper last night. We had a breakfast ring...sausage, eggs, spinach and cheese in crescent rolls shaped into a circle. Once I got done putting it together, I had a little bit of everything left over. I remember that I had 2 tortilla shells in the refrigerator, so I put together two breakfast burritos to throw in the freezer. It worked out perfectly and made my night.

....Another thought from breakfast last night...I love watching The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network on Saturday mornings. A few weeks ago she was making breakfast and showed these frozen fruit cups. I don't remember everything she put in hers, but it was basically a combination of canned and fresh fruit frozen in their juices, then taken out a while before eating. They end up being kind of a slushy-like texture. I did this last night with a can of peaches, a can of mixed fruit cocktail, and banana slices. I had some for a bedtime snack, when it was just starting to freeze. Then I had some this morning for breakfast. It was so yummy! I think this will be a new go-to summer snack. Frozen bananas kind of have a vanilla ice cream texture and taste, plus the juice from the canned fruit makes it slushy. Very good!

And that's all the randomness I'll bore you with on this lovely Friday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Better keep that pool deck clean...

Amanda said...

Love me some Pioneer Woman!! I have plans to make those frozen fruit cups so, glad to know they r good :) p.s. so glad you are so happy in y’alls new home state

Dani said...

"I might not get much housework done, but that can wait until rainy days"

I love it!