Saturday, October 21, 2006

Church Bonfire, cont.

Brother Paul, Mom, and Dad keep warm by the fire as the temperature dropped throughout the night. Regardless, it was still a FUN time!

Shelly holding Abi. Abi wasn't too interested in the bonfire...she was more interested in sleeping. Sister Mayfield is in the background staying warm inside the car.

Brother Jeff helps Tressa roast a marshmallow....without getting too close to the fire!

Sister Michelle and Sister Sandy roasting some hot dogs and marshmallows.

Dad and Tasha standing by the fire. Tasha's really enjoying that marshmallow!

At the close of the evening, we left with thankful hearts and full stomachs. It truly was a great night of food, fun, and fellowship. We missed those who weren't able to join us. Hopefully we will be able to do it again next year...with a larger crowd!


Sandy-san said...

With such great company, I had such a nice time last night. I do hate to admit this though. I think that between a stomach full of hot dogs and s'mores, warm fire, and waking up at 4AM that morning, my drive home was treacherous. I was SO tired. I was so tired that I missed my turn-off in Wood River (on the new 255)... I really think I dozed a bit... I know, I know... not good. Actually it was very scary for me. Anyway, I walked into a dark house, and I didn't even bother to turn the lights on either. I just fell asleep on top of my bed. Nice pictures, too, Lydia!

strem said...

Fun, fun night! I hope we can do that again sometime. I sure loved the singing Old MacDonald during the hay (rack) ride, picking the apples, singing hymns, building the fire, roasting my hot dogs, eating s'mores, visiting with everyone around the fire, OK OK....I loved all of it. Definitely something we should do again next year. Great pics!