Thursday, October 19, 2006

God Will Lift Up Your Head

Several months ago I purchased the new Jars of Clay CD: Redemption Songs. I have always liked Jars of Clay, but never really went out of my way to stay updated on their newest releases. This summer I was wasting time on the Internet and came across a hymn sung by Jars of Clay. I quickly located their site and purchased the CD. What a wonderful decision that was!

The CD includes several hymns and other worship songs. One of my favorites is "God Will Lift Up Your Head." This song has been such an encouragement to me, as well as a couple of my close friends. Take a moment to read the words and really focus on the message the lyrics are conveying.

God Will Lift Up Your Head - - Jars of Clay

Give to the wind your fearHope and be undismayed
God hears your sighs and counts your tears
God will lift up
God will lift up
Lift up your head

God will lift up your head
God will lift up your head
God will lift up your head
He will lift up, lift up your head

Leave to His sovereign way
To choose and to command
Then shall we wandering on His way
Know how wise and how strongHow wise and how strong


Through waves and clouds and storms,
He gently clears the way
Wait because in His time, so shall this night
Soon end in joy,
Soon end in joy
Soon end in joy,
Soon end in joy.



Sandy-san said...

I haven't heard anything else from Jars of Clay other than the Flood, which I love. It sounds like I need to give them another listen!

strem said...

I was listening to this just last night. Thanks for knowing that I would like this CD!