Monday, August 02, 2010

It's almost done...

The laundry room is very close to being finished. We just have to put up trim and do some decorating things. I absolutely LOVE the color! We decided to go with aqua instead of yellow. The aqua was going to be for the bathroom, but we decided to go with a different look for the bathroom.

Here is a before shot of the laundry room. This is what you saw standing at the door into the laundry room. It was a mess! I certainly was not motivated to be in here for longer than 2.1 seconds.

And now from the same spot....Ahhhhhh, much better!

The "laundry" sign is going to be hung on the wall eventually. On the far left you can see the water heater closet Chris built. The water heater previously took up residence in the bathroom. This is a much better place for it. We still need to put the door on the closet though.

Next is a before shot standing in the back corner of the room, looking toward the back door.

An after shot from the same spot....

It is so much more organized! The cabinets came out of the bathroom. They are kind of a dingy white right now, but I'm going to paint them bright white. The trashcan is an old one Grandma had and I spray painted it red. (Don't you love the Diet Coke box sticking out? A common sight in the Crouse House!)

The new back door is one of my favorite things about the new laundry room. It lets in so much more light!

Another before shot standing at the back door and looking across the laundry room.

Once again, you can see that it was basically a catch-all room. I'm determined to keep it more organized now!

And now.....

This is from the same spot, but focused more towards the back wall. You can really see the new hardwood floors in this picture. They are great! They were "free" because they were left over from a job Chris recently finished.

This beautiful room makes me want to do laundry more often! I can't wait to get all the finishing touches done and really enjoy it!

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Dani said...

What a great job Bro. Chris did and what a quick job too. I'm impressed, he needs to inspire Gary! :)