Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peanut Farming at 12:30 a.m.

Our days caring for Grandma are often filled with laughter. There are hard days and nights, but we try to focus on the moments of laughter to help us get through the hard times. A lot of the funny moments revolve around the bathroom. I'm not sure why. Maybe we just have a weird sense of humor.

There are also a lot of funny moments that come about in the middle of the night. Except, they don't seem so funny when I'm half asleep, stumbling around trying to keep Grandma from stumbling. It's usually the next morning when I think back on what happened and then I find it funny.

Last night Grandma woke up around 12:30 and wanted to talk about peanut farming. Yes, peanut farming. I like peanuts and all, but I wasn't really in the mood to talk about peanut farming at 12:30 a.m. She was having a dream that her Granddaddy was talking to her about peanut farming. He was telling her about how the first people who lived in this country survived on peanut farming. According to her, he went on and on about it, "like old men tend to do."

You see, most of the time when she wakes up in the night she's been having a dream and thinks that the dream is really happening. For example, she wakes up many nights thinking she's on a train. Or, one night last week she woke up and thought one of the members of church was there with her. Earlier this week she wanted to know what happened to the birthday cake. (Birthday cake in the middle of the night DID sound like a great idea!)

So, last night she thought her Granddaddy was there with her and still telling her about peanut farming. She thought I was a little girl who wanted to hear about peanut farming too. So, while trying to get her to the bathroom and get that business taken care of, she filled me in on Granddaddy's lesson on peanut farming. She was still talking as I put her back in bed, turned off the light, and crawled back in my bed. She was done with peanut farming by morning.

I have no idea if her Granddaddy really was a peanut farmer. I will find out about that.


Melanie Hodges said...

Oh, Lydia, that truly is the morning, right? Joyce's mom lived with Amber and Miracle and most of the funny moments revolved around the bathroom, midnight, or Grandma screaming for one or the other of them ANYTIME they left the room. You brought back memories for me! You also made me think: "You may weep for a time, but joy will come in the morning!" I can imagine it being really funny this morning!

lydia said...

I had forgotten that Sis. Joyce's mother lived with Amber and Miracle. Chris and I get a good laugh from a lot of what Grandma does or says. She has a real hard time recalling the word "bathroom." She will call it just about anything except 'bathroom.' The other night she said she needed to use the "empty room." It struck me as funny!