Monday, February 21, 2011

Enjoying Warmer Weather

We've been so thankful that the weather has warmed up recently. It's been so nice to open the windows, get outside, and not have the heat on all the time!

I took Grandma and the dogs outside one day last week to enjoy the sunshine. Wilson had a blast playing fetch with a stick. Wesley isn't into playing fetch. He would rather explore the yard and, unfortunately, the neighborhood.

As you can see, Wesley is too busy checking out the yard to be concerned with fetching the stick.

He always wants to bring sticks in to chew on. He would run to the door like this every time I would throw the stick.

Grandma just sitting and taking it all in.

It's pitiful to have to watch one dog play outside and not be able to go out! Wesley and Wilson love sitting on the bed like this and looking out the window.

Our dogs sure know how to get comfortable!

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