Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Our Part of the Snowstorm

It's hard to believe that 4 days ago we were enjoying 76 degree temperatures and spending most of the day outside. Just yesterday afternoon, I was driving with my windows down and had the doors open because it was hot in the house. It's a much different story today!

First thing Wesley did this morning was try to dig around in the snow with his nose. The ground is so frozen that he couldn't dig very much. You can see a little bit of snow on his nose and face in this picture.

Wesley and Wilson get so frisky out in the snow. Wilson wasn't a big fan of it at first, but he loves it now. They just run and run!

It's supposed to get down to 7 tonight with a wind chill of -15. That's just a little too cold for Jake (who is usually outside all the time), so we decided to bring him in.

Wesley and Wilson aren't quite sure what to think of this! Poor Jake looks scared to death!

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Michele said...

I love the last picture of Wilson staring at Jake. Wilson has grown alot since Christmas! I'm sure Wesley loved the snow.
Keep Warm!