Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photography Challenge: Week 3

The assignment for the Photography Challenge this week is BOLD colors! This one was a bit challenging for me to think creatively. There aren't many bold colors this time of year in west Texas. Everything is brown, brown, brown!

1/750, F4.0

This is a lap quilt that a dear friend from church made when we got married. I love so many things about it. It's just the perfect size, I love the bright colors, some of the squares have Bible verses, and just thinking about the sweet sister who made it always brings a smile to my face.

Just another note about this's hard to tell, but the quilt is blowing in the breeze just a bit. At the time I was taking this picture, a little cold front was blowing through! The temperature dropped from about 102 to 97!! I could hear thunder in the distance! We're praying hard for some rain and cooler temperatures.


Kathleen said...

What a beautiful quilt and sweet keepsake.

Jennifer said...

I feel your texas heat pain! I'm not that far from dallas and today was the first rain in Months!
I love the quilt. I did something similar but with fabric. Love that you captured some beautiful blue sky with it :)

Laura Beth said...

What a BEAUTIFUL & bold quilt!! I love the set up as well. Thanks for inking up!